High Definition 2D Golden Axe Remake

A recently published interview discusses a scrapped high definition 2D Golden Axe Remake.

The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Volume 2John Szczepaniak’s recently published The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Volume 2 contains more interviews with Japanese developers. Sega fanboys would likely be most intrigued by an interview with a former high-level Sega employee that assumed a pseudonym since it’s likely to ruffle a few feathers along with breaking some NDAs.

Below is an excerpt form that interview concerning a proposed Golden Axe remake that never reached the prototype stage. It’s a shame because the idea of a gorgeous, high-resolution Golden Axe piques my interest greatly.

John Szczepaniak: What about unfinished games?

Hideo Nanashi: You know yourself there’s been so many at Sega. All those Sonic prototypes, for the Mega Drive and later the Saturn. There’s one you might not know about – a recent hi-res 2D remake of Golden Axe.

JS: YouTube has a leaked video of a Golden Axe remake by Sega Australia…

HN: No, no, this was different. I mean, I’ve seen the one you mean, but this one I’m talking about had graphics that looked like Odin Sphere. The characters were of that quality, and the animation had that same kind of jaunty fluidity. There’s no videos anywhere.

JS: Was Vanillaware actually involved?

HN: No, no, it was internal, but followed that style. Hey, you want to see something? (pulls out smartphone, opens email, loads stunning artwork)

JS: MAJIDE?! (roughly translated: “You’re kidding me!”) How do you have this?!

HN: A friend of mine at Sega of America was telling me about it. They were trying to get it green lit and started prototyping the remake. He was really upset all their work was just scrapped. The work didn’t pan out. It was really unfortunate that it wasn’t released. These graphics are going to be thrown away by Sega of America.

Currently, not a single image of this proposal has appeared online. Hopefully it will find it’s way on the interwebs someday.

Source: Nintendo Life.