Sega Software Sales

Sega released their financial report for the six month period ending in September 2015. The result? Sega software sales are down, but profit is up!

This past year saw Sega tightening it’s belt and restructuring. It also saw Sega admitting some of it’s recent mistakes that lead to betraying fans’ trust in their brand. The company has been looking at their internal operations to find a direction that will lead them to growth instead of decay. It looks like some of this introspection paid off fairly quickly.

For the six month period ending in September 2015, Sega is reporting a profit of $7.9 million, compared to a $23 million loss in their previous year. The company expects to see a profit of $157.6 million by the end of the fiscal year.

You can read the report and statement over at Sega Sammy Holding’s English website.