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No news is not always good news, especially in the case of no Virtual On games currently being planned.

Forbes is reporting that Mayu Koike of Sega has gone on record stating that no new games are currently being planned for the series. This goes against 2013 statements by development team members that a 20th anniversary game was being planned for a 2015 release.

Sadly, the milestone has passed and even a late celebration appears to be off the table.

juro watariForbes did note that Juro Watari, who recently Produced 7th Dragon III Code: VFD, is still with Sega. Watari was a crucial part of the Virtual On series’ development team. He acted as Producer, Director, and Script Writer depending on the game in question.

Perhaps with Juro Watari still around to possibly champion the game from within the company, we might see another Virtual On game at some point down the road.

Thanks to SegaNerds for the heads up.