alien: isolation - the collectior

Sega announced they’ve released Alien: Isolation – The Collection today on Steam (PC, Mac, and Linux), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The Collection will feature all of the DLC released for the game, including the two missions set aboard the Nostromo where you get to play as Ellen Ripley.

There will also be five mission packs that add new maps, playable characters and challenges to the Survivor and Salvage modes.

They’re also reducing the price of the standard base game on all platforms to $29.99.

The cost for all versions of The Collection will be as follows:

Xbox One – $39.99
PlayStation 4 – $39.99
Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) – $59.99

The Steam edition has an exclusive 24 hour launch promotion discount of 50% for The Collection and the standard version of the game. It’s going on — RIGHT NOW! GO! GO! GO!