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Here’s our collection of Sega links. Your site isn’t here? Well, let us know and we’ll consider adding it!

Unofficial Sega Links

Your fan and community sites for all Sega-related things!

The Dreamcast Junkyard
Dreamcast scene news, unreleased games and more.

A French Sega retro database.

It’s Still Thinking
Original Dreamcast-related features.
Afterburner, Columns, Outrun, and Space Harrier information.

PS Cave
All things Phantasy Star.

Listen to your favorite Sega tunes and discover some more!

SegaFans contributor Steve finally has his own website! SNES, Saturn and SMS reviews, ahoy!

Sega Saturn database site with loads of information and lots of ebay links.

The Saturn Junkyard
Saturn blog.

A SMS fan site.

THE place for Genesis / Mega Drive fandom. Big, active forum community.

News and fairly big forum community.

Sega CD Universe
One of the few Sega CD-specific sites out there.

Lewis might be British, but we still he’s alright.

Segagaga Domain
Sega retro database with personal views on most releases.

News and reviews are found in this often updated French site.

News and community site updated very often.

Sega Network
Collection of sites devoted to Sega consoles. In German.

A wiki devoted to all things Sega and powered by the BlackSquirrel.
German Saturn fan site.

Sega Saturn NetLink League
A forum for people who still play their NetLink games.

Sega Saturn UK
Looks to have been a splash page for a while, hopefully returning.

Another Sega community that has been around as long as SegaFans. Development and hacking focus.

Shenmue Dojo
The largest Shenmue fan community on the internet.

Shin Force
Still features regular updates after all of these years. Info, reviews, media, etc.

Shining Force Central
Fan site and community covering everything Shining related.

SMS Museum
A SMS fan site.

Sonic Retro
An exhaustive Sonic wiki.

Sonic Stadium
News and community site for Sonic fans.

Whip Ass Gaming
Forum regular BelPowerSlave’s massive site devoted to old-school gaming.

Official Sega Links
Sega of America & Europe’s website.
Sega of Japanese’s website.
Official Sega Spanish site.