sega is not making a dreamcast 2

It’s 2015 and I’m completely surprised this needs to be said: Sega is not making a Dreamcast 2!

After sitting by and watching many passionate fans repost links to an online petition for several months on social media, events today called for people to step up and set things straight about Project Dream. By the end of the working day, supposed “professional” outlets were posting about the campaign and spreading the word with almost no critical thought applied to their articles.

Barry the Nomad over at SegaBits outlined many of the issues with this campaign in earlier and I suppose it’s time to add another voice of reason to the mix.

space-channel-5-ulalaThe facts are pretty clear, folks:

    -Sega is not involved in this campaign. Even though Sega’s trademarked logo was used in marketing the campaign for some time, Sega has yet to comment on this specific campaign. In the past, official representatives have made statements such as Mike Hayes’ 2010 declaration below.

    Absolutely not. We’re a software company. We certainly won’t be getting back into hardware, that’s for sure.

    -Sega is not in the position to launch any new hardware. They simply don’t have the kind of operating capital or ability to secure funding in order to do so.

    -The operators in this campaign do not have a very solid plan together. At all.

    -A crowd funding campaign for a “Dreamcast 2” is highly unlikely to raise an appropriate amount of funds to research, develop, and market such a device. Signing a petition is one thing, but pledging actual money on the front end to strangers with no track record is another. Especially with how even established industry professionals have left a sour taste in gamers’ mouths in recent years due to not meeting milestones or expectations when it came time to deliver on promises.

    -The current rumor is that one of the individuals behind this campaign is Zach Morris, a bullshitter with an incredibly long history of bullshit. He has been preaching about the Dreamcast 2 for over a decade now. If it’s true that this individual is involved, then people who are interested in the project should proceed with extreme caution.

    -For those misguided fans who think Sega can return to it’s former glory in the 90s as a development juggernaut, the truth is that many of it’s development teams have disbanded years ago. Most of the people who brought you classic Sega franchises are either working elsewhere or not making games anymore.

    During the original Dreamcast’s time, Sega was at it’s peak and firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, even loads of high quality, original games weren’t enough for the Dreamcast to be a long lasting success on the market.

    -Recent misinformation about Yuji Naka being involved with the project is quite inaccurate. As of this time, Yuji Naka has simply accepted the project’s friend request on Facebook. I’ve been friends with Mr. Naka for months now. He has nearly 5,000 FB friends as of this writing for his Japanese FB account.

The fact is, I would love to think that this is an attainable outcome. The deck is stacked against such an endeavor ever succeeding, though. The closest thing to ever reach market was the Ouya, which most can agree was not a success story. Most buyers were left with a budget emulation box and disappointment in what could have been.

To close and cross off the checklist for articles on this currently misguided project, imagine a bad pun involving dreams is written here.