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A 7″ vinyl promo from Beep magazine in Japan.

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Alternate Titles Beep Special Project – SEGA GAME MUSIC II Sono Sheet
Beep 特別企画 SEGA GAME MUSIC II・ソノシート
Beep Magazine Vol.5 – SEGA GAME MUSIC II Sono Sheet
Manufacturer(s) Softbank
Release Dates September 1987 (JP)
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In Packages SEGA Game Music II 7″ Promo Flexi Vinyl Record

Miscellaneous Notes

This was a promotional supplement to the September 1987 issue of Beep magazine in Japan.

There was a reprinted version in 2004.


Side A
1 Super Hang-On – Out Ride A Crisis 2:17
2 Super Hang-On – Sprinter 2:17
3 Super Hang-On – Hard Road 2:20

Side B
1 Fantasy Zone II – CAMA-TERNYA 0:28
2 Fantasy Zone II – Opa-Marimba 1:28
3 Fantasy Zone II – Cholacoray 1:27
4 Fantasy Zone II – Gumbathight 1:05
5 Out Run MARK III FM Sound Source Version – Passing Breeze 2:33


Someone uploaded a Youtube video of not only the music playing, but them opening and examining the record itself!

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