Trademark for Valkyria of the Blue Revolution

Sega has filed a trademark for Valkyria of the Blue Revolution in Japan. Valkyria Chronicles fans everywhere are dealing with exploding heads.

The actual trademark is for “Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria.” Unfortunately, that’s all of the hard facts on the matter.

Many fans of the Valkyria Chronicles series are hoping this trademark could mean a new Valkyria Chronicles game is in the works.

The series has developed a cult audience, with it’s first and second games coming out in the west on the PS3 and PSP respectively. The third game, Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles, was only released in Japan on the PSP.

The series experienced a bit of a bump in popularity due to a port of the first game hitting Steam last year and exceeding expectations for a port of a years-old PS3 game.