Sonic Drunk by Xamoel

Our modest collection of recipes for Sega drinks.

Sega Drinks!

Below you’ll find a collection of Sega-themed drink recipes. Got an idea for a drink of your own? Submit it!

18 Wheeler

(inspired by 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker)
RECIPE: a six-pack of the cheapest beer you can find
REASON: Truckers aren’t exactly known as being rich and 18 is easily divisible by 6 (3 wheels per beer).

Golden Axe

(inspired by Golden Axe)
RECIPE: 2 parts vodka, 6 parts coca-cola, dash of lemon juice, 1 half-circle lemon wedge. Pour vodka and coca-cola into highball glass, stir. Add the lemon juice, and garnish the glass with the lemon wedge
REASON: Color is a brown, earthy color (handle), lemon is yellow (axe blade). Finished drink looks sort of like an axe with a golden blade.

Monkey Ball

(inspired by Super Monkey Ball)
RECIPE: puree 1 half of a very ripe banana. Add an equal portion of grapefruit juice (freshly squeezed). Mix well. Serve in an empty grapefruit half (always include a straw).
REASON: It’s non-alcoholic because Super Monkey Ball is aimed to appeal to kids as well as the SegaFan. Banana for monkeys and grapefruit juice for sourness (i.e. high difficulty). The grapefruit half represents the ball.


(inspired by Space Channel 5)
RECIPE: 2 parts gin, 1 part dry vermouth, 1 part apricot brandy. Shake well with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
REASON: This recipe is based on the Piccadilly cocktail (Space Channel 5’s theme song is by Ken Woodman & his Piccadilly Brass) – absinth and grenadine have been replaced with apricot brandy for a slightly more orange sensation to match Ulala.

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