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This weekend, Ken Horowitz announced plans to release a Sega of America history book in 2016.

He first teased the upcoming book on his personal Facebook page not too long ago, and then officially announced his plans on Sega-16‘s Facebook page on January 8th.

It read in part:

Last month, I submitted to my publisher the manuscript for a book chronicling the game development history of Sega of America. Tentatively titled: “Achieving the Next Level: The History of American Sega Games,” the book is an exhaustive retrospective of SOA as a game-maker, from its founding in 1986 and the first steps taken on the Master System to its final efforts on the Dreamcast. Nearly 100 former SOA alumni (including each of its presidents from 1986-2001) and independent game developers were interviewed, and the creation processes of almost 40 Sega-published titles are documented. Every one of SOA’s internal studios is included, many of which have never before been examined.

This book is not about the history of Sega as a company. Rather, it’s about the games themselves, a detailed history of Sega of America’s product development division – how it grew and went on to fuel much of the company’s overall success. The writing style is the same used in the articles I’ve written for Sega-16, and some of the historical articles I’ve done for the site have been greatly revised and expanded, with new people interviewed and familiar faces revisited for more detail. I’ve done everything possible to make this book as comprehensive and factual as possible, and I simply cannot wait until it’s out!

More information, such as the release date, size (it should weigh in at around 500 pages or so), availability, and price will be posted here as they’re made available to me. I just wanted to finally let the cat out of the bag and share what’s been my passion project and a dream come true with all our readers.

So, there it is! I hope this will be something that both Segaphiles and video game fans in general will enjoy reading. Most of all, I hope it will become a valuable addition to the literature on gaming history, shining light on a part of gaming that has been overlooked for far too long.

Horowitz will be working with publisher McFarland & Co., who mostly focus on academic and non-fiction works. When asked, he said he hopes the book will be released this upcoming Summer or Fall.

You can expect more coverage of what’s sure to be one of the better Sega-related books ever whenever more announcements are made!

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UPDATE: We’ve since interviewed Horowitz on his upcoming book.