Saturday Morning Sega February 20th, 2016 header

Saturday Morning Sega is a new regular column here at Sega Scream. In each installment, we’ll bring you a mix of fun things to help start your weekend off in a great mood.

It will typically be recently released fan covers and remixes of Sega music, random pieces of cool fan art, hilarious web comics, and interesting articles or videos we found through the week. If you have something you’d like to share for the next week’s column, then please contact us! This is a great opportunity to get more people checking out your stuff!

To start things off, we have this awesome After Burner cover by Active NEETs. You can check out their website here or their YouTube channel for other music.

【SEGA爆音ジャズ】After Burner【東京アクティブNEETs】

Next up is a hilarious spin on Sonic’s history from videogamedunkey.

Holy Queen Juliana fanart by wickedalucard. Juliana’s from the mobile game Chain Chronicle that is closing down soon.

holy queen juliana fan art by wickedalucard

Sega Master System fan art by segamarklll.

sega master system fan art by segamarklll

Sonic fanart titled “Uncatchable Bounty” by ziggyfin (coloring) and callihanclan (original pencils).

sonic - uncatchable bounty fan art by ziggyfin and callihanclan

We’ll close with this 102 minute compilation The Dude put together of Sega logo animations. Can you sit through the whole video or will you just skip to Comix Zone to hear “Test 1, 2 – Seguuuh?”

The Ultimate Sega Logo Compilation

We’ll try to do a new Saturn Morning Sega every week or so. It depends on how frequently we can gather some new and interesting content to share! We’re hoping that with some reader submissions, we’ll have plenty.

Did you have a favorite item this week? Let us know in a comment below!