Ryo will face Lan Di & call Nozomi in Shenmue III!

You can resume your frothing now! Ryo will face Lan Di & call Nozomi in Shenmue III!

A very nice interview with Yu Suzuki was posted to Dual Shockers where some new bits of information were revealed about Shenmue III.

Ryo will be facing four main bosses in the game. Two unnamed fighters, a cunning, sexy, and cruel female fighter named Niao Sun he introduced in Shenmue II; and Lan Di himself! That’s right, Suzuki says Ryo will finally get to have a confrontation with the man who killed his father. Will it be the final one, though?

shenmue lan di

He demonstrated for DualShockers how the AI battling system will work in the video below. He revealed that combat will be more simple and but have a cinematic flair.

Shenmue III AI battling demo

The interviewer and Suzuki discuss the topic of romance and old movies a lot. Suzuki has been drawing inspiration from movies like Casablanca, Roman Holiday, Interstellar, and Reign of Assassins.

Suzuki has brought Kid Nocoon onto the team since the successful funding of the kickstarter. You might know his name from his very nice HD fan remake videos that have made their rounds on the interwebs.

Suzuki revealed that he’s aiming for 30 fps on the PS4 as he feels like 60 fps might be too difficult to pull off.

Development for the game has been interesting. They begin prototyping ideas on the PC, then implement then on the PS4, then return them to the PC version.

Finally, fanboys everywhere can rest easy. Ryo will have phone conversations with Nozomi in Shenmue III. Perhaps he will finally make his move and stop ignoring her so much?

shenmue bike ride

Hopefully he won’t wuss out like before!

Shenmue III’s slacker backer campaign is still going. Suzuki plans to deliver the game by December 2017 to the PC and PS4.