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How one individual poisoned the Project Dream campaign with misinformation.

Project Dream: Sega’s Upcoming Dreamcast 2?

Over the past week, rumors have been running rampant about Sega making a Dreamcast 2, a fan campaign to crowdfund the development of a Dreamcast successor, and all sorts of other variants. The fact is, none of these rumors are true.

These rumors were further spread beyond overly enthusiastic Sega fans by lazy, click-hungry blog writers and writers at establishments that don’t focus on video games often.

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How did this happen? Where did these rumors begin and why did so many people believe it enough to help spread them? Well, it turns out that not only are a great number of people poor critical thinkers, but there is a central source for these bogus rumors. All of this misinformation, Project Dream staff says, was seeded by one person that had joined the Project Dream campaign. He did so without the consent of the rest of the team, who were surprised to see the sudden deluge of attention their project was getting just before Christmas.

That man was Patrick Lawson.

Who is Patrick Lawson?

That’s a good question.

Many are convinced that Patrick Lawson and the infamous “Zach Morris” are one and the same. Longtime Sega fans who have been around the internet might have seen rumors about a Dreamcast successor from not long after the original console was discontinued. Below you can see a few examples of his handiwork.

Many believe that this same individual has used numerous aliases including Zach Morris, MrSega, Ringede2010, and Ringede2012; among others. Zach Morris is at least responsible for the bogus video game rumor blog at, which has been deleted but can still be seen through This blog spread misinformation concerning Sega re-entering the console market to compete with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 during 2011.

As the news broke out that Lawson was behind the misinformation campaign, users in comments, forums, and on social media began linking Lawson with Morris’ decades long campaign of bullshit. The current shady blog that Morris posts to decided addressing these rumors was a good idea.

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Yeah, we’re glad they “officially” clarified that. I’m sure everyone’s buying it. We wouldn’t want to tarnish his 40 year reputation, after all!

The truth is that even Bertie Wiseman from the Project Dream team has no true idea of who Patrick Lawson is in the end. When asked if he was able to ascertain if Patrick Lawson was his true name, Wiseman told me he had no idea. “God knows who I was talking too.”

He says that the team will now be much more cautious in who it brings on in the future.

It appears that unless someone has any solid evidence to connect him to a real identity, Patrick Lawson gets to retreat back into the ether, having done his damage to the Project Dream campaign. Days after Wiseman’s post revealing what was going on behind the scenes, most of the outlets that ran the misinformation have not followed up with corrections.

What All Did Lawson Lie About?

All of the following statements Lawson made to or were published by various media outlets are false.

-Patrick Lawson is the leader of the project.

-The hardware will be called “Ring Edge,” “Ring Zero,” or “Edge Zero.”

-A Kickstarter seeking over £1 Million will be coming early in 2016 asking fans for money.

-Yuji Naka is involved or has given his blessing.

-Patrick Lawson is anything but a liar or troll when it comes to Project Dream.

So What is Project Dream Actually About?

The official Project Dream website launched recently.

The goal behind the project is rather simple and no more than the team announced prior to the misinformation campaign. They want to develop a proposal to take to Sega to try to convince them to get back into the console hardware business.

At this point, their proposal isn’t finished, but they are collecting signatures on their petition and ideas from other like-minded fans who would love to see Sega move back into the hardware business.

While my previous article on Project Dream was rather negative, I suppose anything is possible in this world, even the most improbable. Shenmue III is on the way, after all.

I wish Project Dream all the luck.