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Popful Mail is an excellent side-scrolling Action/RPG for the Sega CD.

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Alternate Titles ぽっぷるメイル
Genre Action / RPG
# of Players 1
Developer(s) SegaFalcom
Working Designs (localization NA)
Publisher(s) Sega (JP)
Working Designs (NA)
Release Dates April 1st, 1994 (JP)
February 23rd, 1995 (NA)
Release Prices ¥ 7,800 (JP)
$ ? (NA)
Product IDs G-6029 (JP)
T-127035 (NA)
Barcodes 4974365560294 (JP)
735366270353 (NA)
Rating N/A (JP)
K-A (NA)

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Popful Mail Screenshots

You can find our collection of screenshots for the game below.

Popful Mail Videos

English opening

Japanese opening

Promo for a proposed Popful Mail
anime that never made it :(

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Popful Mail Artwork

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Other Media

You can find a scan of the instruction manual here.

There was a single print ad for North America.

Popful Mail North American print ad

Popful Mail Merchandise

A demo disc titled Popful Mail Taikenban ( ぽっぷるメイル 体験版 ) was released in Japan for the game.

Popful Mail Taikenban front cover

An official strategy guide was published in North America by Sandwich Islands Pub in April 1995. It’s ISBN is 1884364187, it runs 78 pages, and you can buy a copy on Amazon.

Popful Mail NA Official Strategy Guide

Of course, a Japanese guide book was published for the Super Famicom version of the game. It runs 95 pages of mostly colored material, with lots of artwork a fan might enjoy.

An original 2-disc soundtrack album titled Popful Mail Sound Box ’94 was released in Japan on August 24th, 1994 by King Records ( Catalog # KICA-1148~9 ). It actually covers the Super Famicom, Mega CD, and PC Engine version of the games. The Mega CD songs are on disc 2, tracks #1-19.

By a stroke of luck, you are able to purchase the album or individual tracks on iTunes!

Click the cover below to check out a PDF of the covers and liner notes,

Popful Mail Sound Box 94

Also available is the Falcom Special Box `94 ( Catalog #KICA-9020~2 ), released by King Records in Japan on December 21st, 1993. It’s a 3-disc set with Ys IV, Legend of Xanadu, and Popful Mail music. The third disc is “Popful Mail Super Arrange Version.”

Falcom Special Box `94

If you are in love with the Popful Mail characters and universe greatly, you can seek out additional drama CDs released by King Records. The original series is called Popful Mail Paradise, with a second series called Popful Mail: The Next Generation. These albums are all in Japanese and feature a mix of original drama tracks and audio tracks from the games.

Megumi Hayashibara, who voiced Lina Inverse on the classic anime series Slayers, does Mail’s voice. What a treat for fans!

We’ve been able to obtain liner scans for all of these below. Simply click the album cover to view the PDF compilation.

Working Designs sold a Popful Mail hat through mail order in the mid 90s.


A collector’s pin was also created by Working Designs and sold through mail order.



Walkthrough – LadyRaven’s walkthrough for the game.

Cheats & Secrets

Here are the secrets and cheats we know of for the game. If you know of any more, please contact us and we’ll add them here.

Test Mode
At the main menu prior to starting the game, select “Quit Game.” Highlight no and press Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right and A.

Then go to Utilities and you’ll see a new “Test Mode,” where you’ll be able to access the BGM, voices and cutscenes from the game.

Ranking & Outtakes
After clearing the game and viewing the credits, wait for a new screen to appear. It will show you the time it took to finish the game and give you a rank. The faster you complete the game, the more outtakes you’re able to listen to.

Finish the game in under five hours to hear all 9 outtakes available.


Japanese Release

Credits for the Japanese voice cast are as follows.

Mail: Megumi Hayashibara
Tatt: Akira Ishida
Gau: Shigeru Chiba
Material: Takko Ishimori
Blackie: Nobuo Tobita
Mifi: Megumi Tano
Yakov: Masako Miura
Tsuima: Masato Oba
Namo: Hirotoshi Shimizu
Rip: Miyuki Matsushita
Rap: Jun Mizusawa
Reofalt Alcazar: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Ledru: Hironori Miyata

North American Release

Here are the full credits for the North American release according to Working Designs’ old website.


Victor Ireland

Assistant Director
Dean Williams

English Translation
Akiko Skjellerup
Horkom International
Victor Ireland
Dean Williams

Sound Engineers
Bill Staeck
Don Shirley

Additional Music
Bill King

Shigeo Koyama




Popful Mail – Melissa Gulden
Gaw – Blake Dorsey
Tatto – Shaun Watkins
Muttonhead – Keith Lack
Nuts Cracker – Blake Dorsey
Slick – Ashley Angel
Glug – Nancy Davis
Sven T. Uncommon – Matt Atwood
Venuncio – Greg Soriano
Mumbles – John Truitt
Wriph – Marilyn Weeks
Wraph – Katie Staeck
Lipps – Mike E. Miller
Kazyr – T. Owen Smith

Song Performed By – Jennifer Stigile

Sister Sonic

Sister Sonic – The game the Mega CD Popful Mail could have became in North America.

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Special Thanks / Sources

-Some album scans courtesy of RPGfan. More info and samples are at their site.

-Working Designs catalog scans thanks to KidFenris.

-RedRuby for the higher quality scans of the various drama albums and soundtracks!