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Parodius (極上パロディウスだ!DELUXE PACK) is a shooter compilation for the Sega Saturn.

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Alternate Titles 極上パロディウスだ!DELUXE PACK
Gokujou Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack
Genre Shooter
# of Players 1-2
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Release Dates May 19th, 1995 (JP)
1995 (EU)
Release Prices ¥ 5,800 (JP)
Product IDs T-9501G (JP)
T-9501H-50 (EU)
Barcodes 4988602006599 (JP)
4988602006599 (EU)

Parodius Overview

Parodius (極上パロディウスだ!DELUXE PACK) is a compilation of the first two arcade Parodius games, Parodius (Parodius Da!: Shinwa kara Owarai e (パロディウスだ! -神話からお笑いへ-)) and Parodius: Fantastic Journey (Gokujou Parodius!: Kako no Eikou o Motomete (極上パロディウス ~過去の栄光を求めて~)).

The series is a parody of Konami’s long-running Gradius franchise. The games are jam-packed full of references to Konami and other company’s games. You’ll see the Vic Viper from Gradius, Twinbee, Pentarou from Antartic Adventures, and more.

When it comes to Parodius, be ready for a good time. Scantily clad enemies, a wild soundtrack, and zany horizontal shooting action are to be found here.

The best part? This compilation has yet to skyrocket in price as of 2016. So if you like shooters, grab it while it’s affordable!




Cheats & Secrets

Hidden Moai Battleship Stage in Fantastic Journey

The Moai stage can appear after any stage except the first and last, if after defeating the boss of that stage your score meets the following criteria:

Stage 2 – Hundreds digit is 8 or 9
Stage 3 – Hundreds digit is 6 or 7
Stage 4 – Hundreds digit is 4 or 5
Stage 5 – Hundreds digit is 1, 2, or 3
Stage 6 – Hundreds digit is 0

Note that you have to actually defeat the boss; if you wait for it to self-destruct you won’t get the stage, even if your score is set up correctly.

Special Stage in Fantastic Journey

Complete the game once to unlock a new option on the title screen.

Power Down in Fantastic Journey
Pause the game and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, and Start. You’ll have all of your existing power-ups removed.

Power Up in Fantastic Journey
Pause the game and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, and Start. There’s a limit to how many times this can be used in a single playing session.

Game Shark Codes (Japanese Version)

These may or may not work on the European version. If you try them, please contact us and let us know!

Master Code (Must Be On) F6000914 C305
B6002800 0000
Unlimited Lives (player 1) 1606E53E 0009
Unlimited Lives (player 2) 1606E56E 0009
Invincibility (player 1) 102F031C 00FF
D606E1DC 1125
Invincibility (player 2) 102F242C 00FF
D606E1DC 1125

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Special Thanks / Sources

-Moai stage information thanks to ZKeene.