PSX On Saturn

Yes, we’ve all heard this rumor before, I know. But this time it seems somewhat legitimate. A group is writing a Saturn port of the PSX emulator PSEmu Pro. Now, before you get as excited as a Catholic schoolgirl on that day of the co-ed dance, realize that it only plays some demos so far. Also realize that the page is in French (bummer). I guess we’ll see how far along this thing goes. Here’s a rough translation and the link:

      Welcome on the homepage of the group Tazbounce. We’re currently working on creating a PSX emulator for the Sega Saturn, and it’s based on another well known PSX emulator: PSEmu Pro. Here’s the state we currently achieved:
      -The CPU is 30% emulated
      -Memory cards are at 0%
      -Sound 0% as well
      -No 3D graphics are being used yet
      -The graphic niveau is still very low.

Click here to check out Tazbounce.

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New Look

So, what do you think of the new look? I think it works better, myself. I’m trying to strive for a more community-oriented feel for the site now. Hopefully, gone is that empty feeling that made the site somewhat impersonal. Now we all have a local YaBB message board to use. You’ll have to register to secure your nickname, but you’ll be able to have a profile, rank, and possibly even some rewards for regulars somewhere down the road.

Enjoying your holiday from work and school, kiddies? Cool. Just don’t forget your Saturns. I find the winter to be a great time for RPGs, and the Saturn’s got some great ones. Ever check out the critically-acclaimed Dragon Force?

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Find Out What The Good Deal Is

I’ve been so busy working on my stuff that I haven’t been surfing that much the past few days. Well, I just found out one of my brethren, PlanetDreamcast, has interviewed Good Deal Games, the folks responsible for the two recently released Sega CD games that were never published. Good work guys.

The guys get some information of GDG’s head honcho Michael Thomasson, including some information on the group’s next planned title: “Wing Nuts is by far the better of the three products, originally designed for release by Rocket Science Games.”

Click here for the interview

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When Saturn Owners Go Wild…

I was sitting quietly in one of my usual IRC channels when – all of a sudden – one of my fellow operators, know as Sakura-, offered upon us a url to a JPEG file. Since he usually provides us with entertaining pictures, I – like many others of the channel – clicked on the link. When our browsers opened up, we were all shocked. Was the image displayed before us real?!?

Morris was the first to snap out of his shock and stated “DUDE! You Saturn’s gone gay!” Segadult soon followed with “it really is the most homosexual Sega Saturn I’ve ever seen.” Indeed, it was even the most homosexual Saturn I have ever seen… and, sir, I’ve seen a LOT of Saturns. What evil lurks in the heart of this twisted fiend known as Sakura-? Who knows. We do know he plays a LOT of Dance Dance Revolution and we DO have this photo from our archive. How far will this sick, sadistic bastard go? God only knows. The one thought that comes to my mind is a quote from Ruby from Lunar: Eternal Blue: “Can you say sad-o-mas-o-chist?”

If you dare, click the image to the right to see Sakura-‘s Saturn. Poor, poor Saturn…

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Incoming Sabbatical

I’m not even going to be online for a little while. Will update when I return, however. Should have at least some new reviews for you.

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New Job, Exhaustion and More About Me

I started my new job yesterday. I didn’t update because I was too tired. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update today. Added a small About the Webmaster page (link is called “About Me”). Woohoo…

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