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Persona 5 Trailer #4 – Cutscenes & Gameplay

Atlus of Japan has released Persona 5 Trailer #4 today as part of their Persona event for the PS3 and PS4 game. This is the latest, newly released Persona 5 trailer from Atlus in Japan. This promotional video shows off tons of stylish gameplay as well as new characters for the PS3 and PS4 game. It’s set to release in Japan on September 15th, 2016. We don’t have any Western release dates just yet, but stick with us and we’ll let you know promptly when the information is released! We’ll

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Limited Run Games Wants to Produce Physical Copies of Yakuza 5

Limited Run Games has announced that they would like to produce physical copies of Yakuza 5‘s English localization! Limited Run Games has expressed an interest in producing physical copies of the Playstation 3 game Yakuza 5, which released with English subtitles last December. All of the in-game footage comes from the original trailer announcing the Western localization of Yakuza 5. So if you have seen it already, you don’t have to worry about spoilers in this video! My apologies for the little bit of roughness on the green screen. I’ll

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Streets of Rage 2 Except It Makes That Weird Tim Allen Noise When People Die

I check out the Streets of Rage 2 Except It Makes That Weird Tim Allen Noise When People Die mod that was the most popular hack on the Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics Steam Workshop for the first day. The mod does pretty much exactly what it states in it’s ridiculously long title, by inserting Tim Allen’s famous noise that he beat into the ground on his American sitcom Home Improvement. I’ll be checking out some of the more ambitious mods in the days to come, but figured I

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