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Otogi: Myth of Demons is a dark action game from From Software for the Microsoft Xbox.

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Alternate Titles Otogi
O・TO・GI ~御伽~
Genre Action
# of Players 1
Developer(s) From Software
Publisher(s) From Software (JP)
Sega (NA, EU)
Release Dates December 2nd, 2002 (JP)
October 2nd, 2004 (JP Platinum Collection)
August 27th, 2003 (NA)
October 5th, 2003 (EU)
Release Prices (JP)
¥ 2,800(JP Platinum Collection)
$ 39.99(NA)
Product IDs M73-00001 (JP)
V3T-00001 (JP Platinum Collection)
64032 (NA)
Barcodes 4949776302023 (JP)
(JP Platinum Collection)
010086640328 (NA)
5060004761586 (UK)
5060004761609 (DE)
5060004762101 (IT & ES)
Rating (JP)
(JP Platinum Collection)
T (NA)
PEGI 12 (EU)
USK 12 (DE)

Otogi: Myth of Demons Overview

Otogi: Myth of Demons is an impressive action game developed by From Software and published by Sega in Western markets for the Microsoft Xbox.

The plot follows a servant to the emperor who is given the order to kill his own father. Not wanting to take out dear old dad, you steal your ancestor’s magical sword and flee the city. As you make your escape, the seal on the sword becomes undone and all hell breaks loose – literally! A wave of demons invades and destroys Kyoto. You are nearly destroyed in the attack but a princess banished to the netherworld decides to spare your life in exchange for your services. Gifted a new physical body, you are now charged with defeating the demons you unleashed and restoring the seal.

Otogi shares a good deal of similarity in aesthetics and gameplay to the later hit From Software hit series Dark Souls. It’s a rather dark hack and slash action game filled with outrageous otherworldly enemies for you to overcome.

Steeped in Eastern mythology, the game is a breath of fresh air from the typical array of gods, demons, and other entities we often see in English games.

If you have an Xbox and like action games, this is an easy recommendation to pick up. It’s not perfect, but definitely worth playing.

The game received a sequel titled Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors, also for the Xbox.



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Otogi: Myth of the Demons - Intro HD Xbox
Otogi: Myth of Demons North American commercial
Otogi Myth of Demons 2003 Sega XBox Commercial



Other Media

You can download a 2MB PDF of the North American manual here.

Here is a rather… interesting print ad for the Japanese release.

otogi myth of demons JP print ad


A 97-page Japanese official guide book titled O・TO・GI〜御伽〜 オフィシャルガイドブック was published by Enterbrain (ISBN # 4757712774) in Japan on December 20th, 2002 for ¥ 1,400. It supposedly has a good number of illustrations but I have not seen it’s contents personally.

otogi myth of demons official guide book JP front cover

Available as a pre-order bonus for the Japanese game was O • TO • GI ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK (O • TO • GI ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK 御伽楽奏), a 4 track soundtrack album with music from the game. The album was published by From Software themselves and used the catalog # OTOGI-SOUND.

otogi myth of demons original soundtrack disc

御伽草子-百鬼叢書 (translates roughly to “Fairy Tale – Hundred Demon Monographs” in English) is a 24 page book that was another pre-order bonus for the Japanese game. It contains artwork and lore for the demons in the game.

Random Information

-The Western version of Otogi: Myth of Demons, in English, was bundled with the initial limited edition release of it’s sequel Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors (O・TO・GI 〜百鬼討伐絵巻〜, Otogi: Hyakki Toubatsu Emaki) – but only in Japan! It was known as the “Special Pack” (Product ID # AF5-00001, UPC # 4949776302047) and only available for a very limited time. The game discs for both games are region locked to Japanese Xbox consoles.

otogi 2: immortal warriors JP special pack front cover


Statik wrote a game guide that you can download here.

Cheats & Secrets


Unlock Second play Beat the game once to unlock second Play. You can use weapons from previous games.
Black Swallow Kill Death Serpent behind the beginning of Stage 23
Butterfly Staff Destroy some plants in Stage 10 close to the beginning and go into the hidden hallway
Dragon Point Kill 30 enemies in Stage 7
Dragon Staff Finish Stage 5 with a time of 3:20 or better
Golden Dragon Look in the narrow passage in the beginning of Stage 20
Holy Staff Beast Stage 15 with a time of 2:47 or better
Jaws of Mountain Take the narrow path to your rihgt in Stage 11 and go over the bridge
Moonlight Sword Free all souls in the first 28 stages
Ogre’s Horn Defeat the Blaze Ogre in Stage 18
Orchid Malevolence Kill the Hydra in Stage 25
Punisher Look at the base of the hill in Stage 6
Rune Scimitars Pull off a 20-hit combo in Stage 3
Skylarks Beat Stage 14 in under 2 mins.
Staff of Duality Look inside a tree stump in Stage 24
Sword of Voracity Kill 60 enemies in Stage 26
Thunder Look under the bridge between the middle island and the statue in Stage 22
Training Sword Pull off a 400-hit combo in Stage 11

Game Saves

These two saves can be used with the Xbox Pro Action Replay.

North America 100% Unlocked Save from Luminaria

European 1st Playthrough Loads of Stuff Unlocked from Hitomis_Freund


FromSoftware, Inc.

Masanori Takeuchi

Rintaro Yamada

Lead Programmer
Takeshi Suzuki

Lead Designer
Daisuke Satake

Technical Dept.
Shintaro Misaki
Tatsuyuki Satō
Nozomu Satō
Takashi Yamaguchi
Takayuki Terada
Hiroyuki Arai
Yoshitaka Suzuki
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Development Dept. – 3D Graphics Section
Masato Miyazaki
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Akihiro Hayano
Yūzō Kojima

Development Dept. – 2D Graphics Section
Keiichiro Ogawa
Naomi Fujikawa
Tomoko Yamagami

Planning Dept.
Kunihiro Sadamoto
Kazuhiro Hamatani

Concept Design Dept.
Nozomu Iwai

Production Dept. – Sound Section
Yūki Ichiki
Yukinori Takada
Tsukasa Saitō
Yūji Kanda

Production Dept. – Design Section
Junko Harada
Kazutaka Miura
Hiroyuki Kani

Project Management Dept.
Chieko Tsurunaga
Yoshiyuki Ikeda
Hirotaka Inokuchi
Toshiya Kimura

Quality Design Dept.
Tatsuya Kawate

Business Affairs Dept.
Shinichiro Nishida

Publicity Team
Hiroyuki Gotō
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Yoshinori Komatsu
Suminobu Satō
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Takasuke Andou

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SEGA of America

Executive Vice President
Shinobu Toyoda

Vice President of Marketing
Mike Fischer

Product Manager
Noah P. Musler

Localization Manager
Osamu Shibamiya

Localization Producer
Klayton Vorlick

Quality Assurance Lead
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Creative Services Manager
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Senior Media Specialist
Teri A. Higgins

Special Thanks
Price Design
Tatsuya Shikata

SEGA of Japan

Yoshihiro Sakuta

Hisakazu Nakagawa

Satoru Ishigami

Asako Miyajima

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Special Thanks / Sources

-Kurt Kulata of Hardcore Gaming 101 for the Japanese print ad.

-John Szczepaniak for the artbook scans!

Meweight for the unlockables list.

-A surprising number of still existing Japanese Xbox blogs and resources. Not a bad following for a flop, right?