I’ve been gradually adding more Sega game and hardware manuals to the Manuals section. There’s now a Dreamcast page, a Sega 32X page, and a Master System page. You’ll find dozens of manuals for each console, with games from North America, Europe, and Japan covered.

If you’re looking for something specific, then feel free to contact us and send me a request! I have many more to add but wanted to get the most popular ones out of the way first. Mega Drive and Game Gear manuals will be coming shortly!

I’ve also been spending a little bit of time added some games to the site. No new in-depth reviews, but we’ll get there soon enough. New to the site are: Alien Syndrome (GG), Blue Stinger (DC), and GG Aleste II (GG). I’m fairly certain I’ve added more as well. I’ve been keeping busy!

In addition to the Game Gear additions above, I started retooling The Best Sega Game Gear Games page that’s super popular. It’s nowhere near finished, but you can see what the new layout is going to look like in the near future. I’ve got a number of games to add to the list as well after having played more Game Gear games again recently.

On top of all of that, there’s been a lot of miscellaneous tweaks and touches to make the site faster, get indexed by search engines better, and fix broken links or content. As always, you can find the most recent site update news in this forum thread. I’m trying not to fill the main homepage up with every new item that makes it’s way to the site.