even more awesome sega cosplay

You asked for more awesome Sega cosplay after our last gallery and we’re delivering it!

Synbios (Shining Force III) cosplay by Jacopo Paggiaro.

synbios cosplay by jacopo paggiaro

Sheela (Shining Force II) cosplay by DarkDragon99.

sheela cosplay by DarkDragon99

Here’s a rare cosplay! Popful Mail cosplay by Nozomi Hoshihana.

popful mail cosplay by hoshihana

Joy (Shenmue II) cosplay by Laura Eliza.

joy cosplay by laura eliza

Nei (Phantasy Star II) cosplay by cimmerianwillow. They were Rika in our last gallery.

phantasy star II nei cosplay by cimmerianwillow

Kage-Maru (Virtua Fighter) cosplay by Kori=Maru.

kage-maru cosplay by kori-maru

Valkyria Chronicles group cosplay posted by OxfordCommaCosplay.

valkyria chronicles group by oxfordcommacosplay

NiGHTS cosplay by Trippy.

nights cosplay by trippy

Sonic and Knuckles cosplay by unknown from Pheonix Comiccon 2015. Thanks to Ineedmorcowbell for the photos. Unfortunately, he did not get the cosplayers’ names.

sonic and knuckles cosplay by unknown

Amy Rose cosplay by unknown from Pheonix Comiccon 2015.

amy rose cosplay by unknown

Sonic something-or-other cosplay by unknown also from that same Comiccon. We’re not sure what he was going for, but it’s kind of cool!

sonic something or other cosplay by unknown

Jet Set Radio Future girls group cosplay by Ota Kitty.

jet set radio future girls group cosplay by ota kitty

Resonance of Fate group cosplay by hexlord.

resonance of fate group cosplay by hexlord

Calamity Clara (Skies of Arcadia / Eternal Arcadia) cosplay by exelia.

calamity clara cosplay by exelia

Fei Yen Hatsune Miku cosplay by 2ble-ZZ.

Fei Yen Hatsune Miku cosplay by 2ble-ZZ

Halloween Miku cosplay by eeelyeee.

halloween miku cosplay by eeelyeee

Do we need a break from more awesome Sega cosplay yet? No? Okay, let’s continue to a load of Shining series cosplay!

Xiao-Mei (Blade Arcus from Shining) cosplay by kawon.

xiao mei cosplay by kawon

Sakuya Crimson Mode (Shining Blade) cosplay by Mao Maora.

sakuya crimson mode cosplay by maomaoro

Sakuya (Shining Blade) cosplay by Mi-Caw-Ber.

sakuya cosplay by mi caw ber

Altina (Shining Blade) cosplay by KICKAcosplay.

altina cosplay by KICKAcosplay

Hayane Fubuki (Shining Hearts) cosplay by Wenzhu Zou.

hayane fubuki cosplay by Whenzhu Zou

Princess Aira (Shining Blade) cosplay by Wenzhu Zou.

altina cosplay by KICKAcosplay

Misty (Shining Blade) cosplay by eeelyeee.

misty cosplay by eeelyeee

And finally, we have a car cosplaying as a Daytona USA hornet from motorhead4646. There’s a Lumina under there. This counts, right? Either way, it’s cool!

daytona usa cosplay by motorhead4646

So there you have it, even more awesome Sega cosplay to gawk at. With the kind of response we got from the first gallery, we’re going to assume we’ll be back for more eventually.

Do you know of a cosplay we just have to post? Let us know in a comment below and we’ll post even more awesome Sega cosplay in the future!