FDG Entertainment has released a new Monster Boy trailer ahead of Gamescom 2016.

Hit the jump to check it out along with some recent screenshots.

Wonder Boy Gamescom Trailer

The game will be playable for the first time at Gamescom this year.

Monster Boy - Gamescom 2016 Trailer: The Power of Six!

Here we see all of the six different forms in action, utilizing some of their unique abilities, and seamless swapping between them.

I have to say, the game is looking rather fantastic and looks to exceed my initial expectations. The only question now is how well it controls, which I can only do once I get my hands on the game!

With this new entry in the Monster World series and the upcoming Dragon’s Trap remake, it is such a great time for fans of the classic Monster World games like myself. Growing up, it seemed like no one else had even heard of the series. Now there’s this huge outpouring of legitimate love for it and two fresh games to play soon!

Monster Boy Screenshots

FDG had recently released the following screens during my latest sabbatical.

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Source: [ Official Monster Boy blog ]