Monster Boy Delayed header

Monster Boy delayed to second quarter of 2016, says developer FDG Games.

After a bit of silence from the developer since their last post just prior to Christmas, I got in touch with them to inquire about the status on the game.

I did not have to wait very long, though! FDG updated their blog within a few hours with a post revealing that Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom shouldn’t be expected until the second half of 2016. They state that while the game is reaching the end of development, they need additional time to finish the porting work.

We got a new screenshot featuring Pig-Man in the forest. This game seems to look better every time I see something new.

monster boy screenshot

There will be something to look forward to soon, however. On March 4th, 2016; Monster Boy will get it’s first post on the Playstation Blog. We should expect at least a handful of screenshots to appear there. FDG is asking fans of the game to boost the signal when that happens.

Also touched on is the possibility of a Nintendo Wii U or PS Vita port, which they would love to do. However, they need revenue from the sales of the PS4 and Xbox One release to fund such an endeavor. They don’t want to officially announce anything until it’s clear they can finance the additional work bringing the game to more platforms.

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