Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom debut trailer

FDG has published the Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom debut trailer and information on the soundtrack team!

This game keeps looking better every time a new teaser is unveiled. Very promising stuff, FDG!

The team writes on their blog:

Dear Friends and Followers, we’re so happy to finally present you the first official Gameplay Video of Monster Boy! Thank you for all your patience while we’re still working on the game. Oh what a year it was! We’ve made a lot of progress on the game but as you know we couldn’t make it in 2015 as we want the best possible quality for you. We hope you enjoy the gameplay snippets that you can see in the video and we’re so looking forward to 2016! The year in which we can finally release the game to you and have fun together!

We’re planning to begin our marketing activities early 2016 – any help and support is greatly appreciated and needed! Please recommend it to your friends and make some noise! Thank you so much!

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and A Healthy Happy New Year 2016. #Love

We missed the news that FDG also published information concerning their audio team contributing to the game’s soundtrack! The game will feature the work of Yuzo Koshiro, Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane, Keiki Kobayashi, Takeshi Yanagawa and Haruka Shimotsuki! Very nice and promising news! This is a lineup including some of the best classic game composers from the late 80s and 90s!

We already knew about Koshiro’s involvement back in June, but seeing the likes of Motoi Sakuraba also contributing is exciting. For those with poorer memories, he has brought us music in Wolf Team and Camelot games in the 90s. He continued on to create music for the Tales, Star Ocean, and Dark Souls games; among many others.

Michiru Yamane was a composer for Konami that contributed to most of the companies’ stand out Sega games, including Castlevania: Bloodlines and the Rocket Knight games.

Keiki Kobayashi is best known for his work in the later Ace Combat series on the PlayStation line of consoles.

Takeshi Yanagawa contributed to Shenmue, Culdcept, and the original 7th Dragon.

Haruka Shimotsuki is a vocalist most known for her work on themes for the Atelier and Ar Tonelico games.

Fans looking forward to the game should also check out Ken Horowitz’ interview with it’s producer Thomas Kern over at Sega-16. In it, Kern says that the studio would love to see the game do well enough to have a physical release.

Monster Boy is still slated for a first quarter release next year on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Monster Boy blog