metalhog 2.0 header

Many of you are likely not a stranger to the heavy metal video game cover band MegaDriver. They’ve announced they’ve released MetalHog 2.0 and plan to give it away for free on June 23rd, Sonic’s 25th birthday.

The album is a new version of the original MetalHog, with some re-recorded and remastered tracks along with three new songs as well.

Face the MetalHog!

MetalHog 2.0. features all of the songs from the original album re-recorded and remastered plus three new exclusive tracks! A instrumental power/speedy version for “City Escape” and “Sonic Boom” and the original song “La Leyenda De Sonic”, with Spanish lyrics!

Interested parties can buy the album now on many digital music stores. Doing so helps support the band who has given away a number of Sega-focused video game cover albums already.

You can visit their website and download many of those albums for free right now.