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Lunar: The Silver Star is one of the most well-known and loved Role-Playing Games on the Mega CD / Sega CD platform.

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Alternate Titles
flag_jpn ルナ ザ・シルバースター
Role-Playing Game
# of Players
Studio Alex
Game Arts
flag_jpn Game Arts
flag_usa Working Designs
Release Dates
flag_jpn June 26th, 1992
flag_usa December 1st, 1993
Release Prices
flag_jpn ¥ 8,424
flag_usa ?
Product IDs
flag_jpn T-45014
flag_usa T-127015
flag_jpn 4988649113175
flag_usa 735366270155
flag_jpn None
flag_usa None

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Japanese commercial


Check out our Lunar: The Silver Star wallpapers collection below.


You can find a scan of the instruction manual here.

Working Designs printed 7 different CD label variants for the game. According to their now-extinct website, the first label below is the most common and the seventh label is the most rare. Sega produced the first label themselves, which is why the artwork stops short of the center while the others are printed further inwards.

It doesn’t stop there, though! Working Designs also produced 4 variants of the back cover. The first version has no foil and was rushed to market to arrive for the holiday season. The second features a foiled logo, names, and trim. The third drops the foiled logo and the fourth is nearly identical to the third but has a blue dot next to the UPC.

A 2 page article for the game from Sega Visions magazine.


There were two magazine ad campaigns in North America that I know of.

lunar_the_silver_star_magazine_ad_1 lunar_the_silver_star_magazine_ad_2


An original soundtrack was released in Japan on April 22nd, 1992 prior to the game’s released by Toshiba-EMI ( Catalog # TOCT-6459 ). It contains 15 tracks. The CD contains extended versions of the Japanese opening and ending themes. There are 2 karoake tracks at the tale end of the album for “Lunar” and “Sensitive Dream.”

Some Japanese guide books were published by Tokuma Shoten. The first on the left below, ルナ ザ・シルバースター 公式ガイドブック, is 146 pages, retailed for 980 Yen, and was published on August 30th, 1992.

The second, ルナ ザ・シルバースター ルナの世界と攻略ガイド , is 130 pages, retailed for 880 Yen, and was published on September 20th, 1992.

Later on April 6th, 1995, Softbank Books published a great 144 page book titled ルナ ザ・シルバースター 公式ガイドブック featuring Lunar: The Silver Star and Lunar: Eternal Blue. It retailed for 2800 Yen. It contains art and interviews for both of the Lunar games. It’s ISBN is 4890526625 and you can even order it off of Amazon.

A fan has made the efforts to translate the interviews and you can find them here.


An English official strategy guide was published by Sandwich Islands Publishing. You check for availability on Amazon here.

In the back of the guide is a good interview with Victor Ireland that we’ve put up over here.


Working Designs sold a Lunar: The Silver Star hat through mail order in the mid 90s.


Did we mention Working Designs created a good bit of Lunar: The Silver Star memorabilia?

There’s the Lunar: The Silver Star poster…


the Lunar: The Silver Star t-shirt…


and the Lunar: The Silver Star mouse pad…


and a collector’s pin!


Other Information

Credits – Credits for the North American release.

Walkthrough – Walter William’s FAQ/walkthrough for the game.

Secrets – Secrets and cheats for the game.

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Special Thanks / Sources

-Back cover images courtesy of Spaceflea.

-Original soundtrack scans courtesy of RPGfan. More info and samples are at their site.

-Japanese guide book information thanks to Blue Piece Lunar and MD Book Museum.

-Japanese release information from Game Art’s website.

-Working Designs catalog scans thanks to KidFenris.