Bayonetta in Project X Zone 2 header

A Twitter exchange revealed that Hideki Kamiya rejected a proposal for the inclusion of Bayonetta in Project X Zone 2.

project x zone 2 us front cover

SEGAbits’ Kori-Maru has recently been tweeting loads of screenshots from the recently released Project X Zone 2, which features Sega, Capcom, and Bandai characters. Sega fan favorites such as Segata Sanshiro, Sakura Shinguji, and Kazuma Kiryu are playable characters; among others.

One such tweet was targeted at Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya.

Kamiya, a prolific tweeter, responded with a short response…

And then revealed that there was a proposal he rejected for including Bayonetta in Project X Zone 2. He states that he now “kinda” regrets doing so.

Perhaps a third entry could see this mistake corrected?