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Jet Set Radio Future is the sequel to the Dreamcast’s Jet Grind Radio / Jet Set Radio released for the Microsoft Xbox.

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Alternate Titles ジェットセットラジオフューチャー
Genre Action
# of Players 1-4
Developer(s) Smilebit
Publisher(s) Sega
Release Dates February 22nd, 2002 (JP)
February 25th, 2002 (NA)
March 14th, 2002 (EU releases)
Release Prices ¥ 6,800 (JP)
$ ? (NA)
£ ? (EU)
Product IDs K56-00003 (JP)
64008 (NA)
Barcodes 4974365880057 (JP)
010086640083 (NA)
3546430025895 (EU)
3546430025871 (DE)
3546430025864 (FR)
Rating Free (JP)
T (NA)
11+ (EU)
12 (DE)
12 (FR)

Jet Set Radio Future Overview

Jet Set Radio Future (ジェットセットラジオフューチャー) is the sequel to the Dreamcast’s Jet Grind Radio / Jet Set Radio (ジェット セット ラジオ) by Smilebit.

JSRF sees the gang’s city invaded by the Rokkaku corporation, who are oppressing the citizens. Your job is to spray graffiti all over Tokyo in order to oppose those jerks.

Jet Set Radio‘s timer was removed and tagging is now done by a simple button press. They’ve added a dash ability at the cost of some spray cans. You can also now view your surroundings in a first-person perspective by using the Xbox’s right analog stick.

The gameplay environments are also occupied by more NPCs and seem much livelier than in the original game.

The soundtrack in JSRF is packed with even more new, diverse, and quirky music for you to check out. JGR fan favorites Hideki Naganuma and Guitar Vader return.

After you finish the game, you can spend your time collecting Graffiti Souls to unlock spray designs and enjoy the new multiplayer modes.

Jet Set Radio Future was eventually bundled with Sega GT 2002 and even included as a pack-in for Xbox bundles.

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Jet Set Radio Future Videos

Jet Set Radio Future Opening (1080p HD 60fps)
Jet Set Radio Future (Xbox) gameplay

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Jet Set Radio Future Artwork

Other Media

You can download a PDF of the North American manual here and the European manual here.

A print ad for the game that ran in North American magazines.

jet set radio future na print ad

Here’s a Japanese ad for the game.

jet set radio future JP print ad

Jet Set Radio Future Merchandise

Jet Set Radio Future Music Sampler was published by WaveMaster (Catalog # MK-52005) and released as a pre-order bonus only in North America. It contains 8 tracks of music from the game. You could pick it up with your copy of the game on February 25th, 2002.

Jet Set Radio Future Original Sound Tracks (ジェットセットラジオフューチャー サウンドトラック) was published by Scitron Digital Contents (Catalog # SCDC-00166) on March 20th, 2002 for ¥2,940. It contains 22 tracks of music from the game.

You can actually buy the majority of the album’s tracks on Amazon legitimately here either individually or altogether for a discount.

Jet Set Radio Future Perfect Guide Book (ジェットセットラジオフューチャー パーフェクトガイドブック) was written by editors of Famitsu Xbox and published by Enterbrain (ISBN #4 75770822X) on March 1st, 2002 for ¥1,200. It is, as it’s name implies, a guide book that totals 97 pages. It features instructions on how to play the game, an illustrated walkthrough with maps, and item information.

Jet Set Radio Future Perfect Guide Book front cover

Ports & Remakes

-None yet, but the fan community has been really rallying for an HD remaster lately!

Random Information

Jet Set Radio Future was nominated to be in The Art of Video Games exhibit in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, but lost out to Halo 2. The “dude bro” was strong that year, because Psychonauts also shared the ballot with them.


Here is a FAQ for the game by immortals.

Cheats & Secrets

Test Run

Finish the game, then talk to RoBoy. Test Run mode will now be available.

Unlockable Characters

A.KU.MU Achieve a Jet ranking in Fortified Residential Zone.
Beat Win against Beat in the street race and he’ll join you.
Boogie To unlock Boogie simply meet her in Kibogaoka Hill. Boogie was formerly known as Sugar (JSR), and Piranha (JGR).
Clutch Find Clutch via DJ Professor K’s instructions and he’ll join you.
Combo Finish Combo’s challenge and he’ll join you.
Cube Go to the Bottom Point of Sewage Facility and outrace Cube in the City Rush. This must be done after beating the Noise Tanks in Sky-Dinosaurian Square.
Doom Riders Achieve a Jet ranking in Dogenzaka Hill.
Garam Complete Garam’s challenges for him to join you.
Gouji Achieve a Jet ranking in Rokkaku-Dai Heights.
Immortals Achieve a Jet ranking in Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park.
Jazz Defeat Jazz at City Rush in the Future Site of Rokkaku Expo Stadium.
Love Shockers Get a Jet ranking in Hikage Street.
Noise Tank Get a Jet ranking in Highway Zero.
NT-3000 Achieve a Jet ranking in Sky-Dinosaurium Square.
Poison Jam Achieve a Jet ranking in Test Run mode at the Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility as well as the Bottom Point of Sewage Facility.
Potts Achieve a Jet ranking in Kibogaoka Hill.
Rapid 99 Achieve a Jet ranking in 99th Street.
Rhyth After finding Rhyth on top of the Poison Jam warehouse in Rokkaku-dai Heights, follow her around. After following and finding her two more times, she’ll join you. Rhyth is Mew (JGR) / Bis (JSR).
RoBoy Achieve a Jet ranking in Chou Street.
Soda Defeat Soda at City Rush in Highway Zero. Soda was known as Slate in JGR.
Zero Beat Achieve a Jet ranking in Test Run mode at Shibuya Terminal.

Save Files

You can download a 100% unlocked save file to use with the North American Pro Action Replay here. A European version of the same file can be downloaded here.


Executive Producers
Tetsu Kayama (香山 哲)
Shun Arai (新井瞬)

Takayuki Kawagoe

Assistant Producers
Osamu Sato
Hiroko Yosuka
Mamoru Kodama

Masayoshi Kikuchi

Chief Planner
Masayoshi Yokoyama

Keiichiro Maeda
Yuji Takii
Takaniro Tabata
Norihisa Iwasaki
Tadashi Okuda
Satoshi Kawase

Chief Graphic Designer & Scenario Writer
Ryuta Ueda

Character Graphic Designers
Yuichi Higuchi
Yusuke Ichikawa
Daisuke Tomoda
Masamisu Hayashi
Minobu Fujii

Level Graphic Designer
Niho Takayanagi
Tomokazu Honmai
Hiroyuki Arai
Chisai Abe
Hiromi Kawamata
Yosuke Karasawa
Yuji Saito
Yukie Shimizu

Chief Programmer
Kazuhisa Hasuoka

Outa Sano
Kentaro Yamamoto
Toshiharu Kume
Hiromasa Kaneko
Kentaro Tomii
Toshiaki Hattor
Yuichi Okazaki

Logo & Package Design
Graffic Takoea Corp.

Special Graifiti Artists
Eric Haze
Brian “Monkey” Richard (USA)
Darwin Yamamoto (USA)
Jason E. Caballer (USA)
Joei Heires (USA)
Joeph G. Vidai (USA)
Marshall Mok (USA)
Thomas E. Smith Jr. (USA)
Hiromisu Akiba (Japan)
Dice-K (Japan)
Naoko Noguchi (Japan)
Hiroki Yakura (Japan)
Takeshi Tsunoda (Japan)
Mat Braoy (Austraila)
Carlos Parod (France)
Juiien Lasserre (France)
Liveneau Datrick (France)
Julian Hurabarat (Germany)
Matthias Raab (Germany)
Oliver Josef (Germany)
Luca Orlandini (Italy)
Christian Gioffré (Italy)
Cornelis E. Gajentaan (UK)

Wave Master

Music Producer & Creator
Hideki Naganuma

Sound Effects & Voice Over
Masaru Setsumaru

Sound Producer & License
Fumitaka Shibata

London Unit Creator
Richard Jacques

New York Unit Creator
B.B. Rights

Los Angels Unit Creators
Michael Harrison
B.B. Rights

Tokyo Unit Creators
Deavid Soul (Courtesy of TRANSONIC Records)
Guitar Vader (Courtesy of Berry Records – Published by Soyzer Music 2001)

Voice Actor (In America)
Billy Brown (DJ Professor K)
Charles Martinet
Casey Robertson
Errin Clark
Gianna Guisti
Gary Martinez
Jessica Crispi
James Gutierrez
Jeremy Jones
Jeff Kramer
Jordan Rosa
Justin Worsham
Kevin Blackton
Kevin Miller
Kevin O’Shea
Len Manijeh
Michael Gillespie
Machiko Harashima
Marcie Henderson
Mike Inouye
Roberta Kennedy
Richard Park
Rebecca Wink
Steven Duell
Sean O’Kane
Scott Sublett
Theresa Lubeley
Terence McGovern


Senior Producer/Director
Greg Weber

Senior Sound Designer/Associate Producer
Errin Clark

Sound Designer
Steven Duell

Buffy Coker

Casting Director
Kevin Miller

Administrative Managers
Kim Weber
Takuma Takewaka
Katsuhiko Kawamoto
Takao Ishii
Takashi Irie
Michiko Takeuchi (Theatre Echo Inc.)
Yoh Satoh (Studio Echo Inc.)

Wave Master Recording Studio

Recording Engineer
Yoshitada Miya

Assistant Engineer
Sawako Sogabe

Motion Actor
Hiroshi Kataoka
Akira Sakai
Masaaki Moriyama
Chiaki Ito
Sayaka Yabe
Tomohisa Hayakawa
Kenji Nakamori
Yasunari Ebato
Yoko Mori
Futao Takeda
Hisashi Beppu

Links DigiWorks Inc.

Kazuhisa Nishimura

Kazuhiko Mino

Recording Engineer
Shigeru Oohata

Lead Editor
Tomokazu Sakamoto

Masakatsu Inoue
Eriko Sako

Sega Corporation (Japan)

Test Team Managers
Akira Nishikawa
Hiroyuki Miyano

Lead Tester
Yutaka Kawasaki

Assistant Lead Testers
Satoshi Kuwano
Kenichiro Suizu

Quality Assurance Team Manager
Takaaki Jindo

Quality Assurance Lead Tester
Sunao Murayama

Package & Manual Team Manager
Yoshihiro Sakuta

Package & Manual Editor (Japanese Version)
Hiroki Osawa

Package & Manual Designer (Japanese Version)
Takashi Nishimura

Package & Manual Designer (Multi Language Version)
Satoru Ishigami

Package & Manual Editor (Multi Language Version)
Makoto Nishino

Kazuhiro Hanaya

Masahiro Tanaka

Product Management
Hitoshi Kurosawa

Sega of America, Inc.

Vice President Product Development
Jin Shimazaki

Localization Manager
Osamu Shibamiya

Localization Producer
Klayton Vorlick

Lead Tester
Daniel Chang

Assistant Lead Tester
Robert Anthony
Davidson Talag

Group Director of Marketing
Mike Fischer

Product Manager
Richard Briggs

Associate Product Manager
Noah P. Musler

Director of Creative Services
Robert Schonfisch

PR Manager
Kirsten Merit

Publishing Partnership Manager
Izora Garcia De Lillard

Senior Advertising Manager
Caroline McNeil

Media Specialist
Teri Higgins

Special Thanks
Cord Smith
Kyoko Drumheller

Sega Europe, Ltd.

Naoya Tsurumi

Director of Product Development
Kats Sato

European Product Manager
Mark Fisher

Lead Tester
Mathew Brooks

Localisation Producer
Akiko Koutstaal

Senior Producer
Matt O’Driscoll

Special Thanks
Naohiro Warama
Tomonobu Takahashi
Yasuhiro Suzuki
Hiroshi Okamoto
Osamu Ogata
Misaka Kitamura
Naoko Higashi
Voichi Shimosato
Koji Kuroki
Ikuo Ishizaka
Michiaki Uchida

Created By

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-Save game files thanks to DrK_MgIcIaN and Demyk.