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jet set radio future US cover

Yes, it has arrived. Today saw Jet Set Radio Future released. Well, at least in most parts of the U.S. Can a new Jet Set Radio with passive cops, no time limit, and no manual tag combinations required be just as fun? There’s only way to find out: ASK THE KID DOWN THE STREET!

So we went to Joey’s house (his parents bought him the Xbox at launch and JSRF today) and asked him what he thought of it. Here’s what he said: “fuck, that damn game is easy, yo!” Quite articulate for a six-year-old male, eh? Go check it out, SegaFans. Why? Because this one doesn’t include Rob Zombie. What an improvement!

Btw, JSRF sold 9,800 units from Feburary 22nd through the 24th in Japan. Not the worst of the Japanese Xbox launch games, but definitely not the best. Dead or Alive 3 moved 73,604 units. :\