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Many were upset with the new music that replaced Crazy Taxi‘s original soundtrack. This guide explains how to swap songs in the Steam version of Crazy Taxi.

Why Would Someone Want to Swap Songs in the Steam Version of Crazy Taxi?

crazy taxi steam screenshot

The Offspring and Bad Religion might not be everyone’s cup of tea normally. However, their songs blasting out of your speakers while you rushed your fares to their destination was an integral part of the Crazy Taxi experience. The original arcade’s soundtrack was faithfully brought to the Sega Dreamcast. When it came time for a later ports, though, the decision was made not to license the same music.

This disappointed many fans who wanted the same experience they remembered years ago.

Luckily, we can fix that fairly easily on the PC!

What do I Need to do This?

You need to download this ZIP file that I’ve prepared that includes a program called ADX Frontend. It’s freeware, but not fun to track down.

I’ve scanned it’s contents with the latest Avira today before submitting this article. It’s clean.

ADX Frontend is a Windows program that will convert WAV files into ADX format, which is what Crazy Taxi uses.

Next, you will need your music files in WAV format. However you obtain your music, people will usually find they are in MP3 or some other format. If this is where you find yourself, I can recommend download the free program Audacity. I will give brief instructions on how to convert your music with it below.

Oh, and I suppose you need the Steam port of Crazy Taxi as well.

Converting MP3 to WAV with Audacity

Open Audacity, click on File, then Open. Select your MP3 file. You’ll see something like the screen below.

audacity crazy taxi tutorial

Now select the File menu again and choose Export Audio.

audacity crazy taxi tutorial

Choose the default file type of WAV to save as and click Save. If you get a screen about Meta data like the one below, you can just click Ok. It doesn’t really matter.

Now you have your WAV file. Pretty easy, right?

Encoding WAVs to ADX

This is super simple.

First, make sure your WAV file name has no spaces in it. ADX Frontend doesn’t like spaces.

Then simply launch ADX Frontend, click Open, select your WAV file, and click Encode. The program will automatically convert your original WAV file to ADX and put the new file in the same directory as your original WAV file.

adx front end crazy taxi tutorial 01

You now have a song that will play in Crazy Taxi! Hopefully it’s not Celine Dion, but I can’t tell what you’re going to do since I’m in the past and you’re in the future. Hopefully, a future without new Celine Dion music.

Okay, So Where Do I Put This?

First off, backup your C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\crazy taxi\SoundData\music_adx folder just in case you make an odd mistake or want to restore the original music.

You will be placing your ADX files in this directory with the original soundtrack’s file names. While I use conventional naming below in the next section, make sure you are using the exact same file names such as “black_radio.adx” for it to be used in the game.

What Songs Do I Swap for the Original Music?

crazy taxi steam screenshot

When swapping songs, be sure you use the original file names! That is what the game looks for when sourcing audio.

Swap “Name Loop” is “Change the World” by The Offspring and used in the game select screen.

“The Chase” for “Hear It” by Bad Religion. It is used on the character select screen before you select Gina every time. Note that you only want to use the first 20 seconds of any song. Using something longer will likely cause the game to crash. So trim it down if you are replacing this track.

“Flinch” used to be Bad Religion’s “Inner Logic,” played during the end credits you almost never saw because you aren’t that good at this game after all.

“Radiator” was originally The Offspring’s “All I Want” and plays during the 1st demo.

“Orange Wednesday” was “Ten in 2010” by Bad Religion and is the song that plays in the 2nd demo.

“Black Radio” for “All I Want” by The Offspring, the definitive Crazy Taxi song.

“Escape Artist” for Bad Religion’s “Ten in 2010.” Or use a different song since we’ve passed that year. Maybe Bad Religion’s “Against the Grain?”

“Get Out” gets swapped for “Them and Us” by Bad Religion.

“Radical Sabbatical” used to be The Offspring’s “Way Down the Line.” Stop fucking up like your parents did!

You Should Be Good Now

crazy taxi steam screenshot

As long as everything was done correctly, your swapped music should now play in the game! Don’t worry, if you made a mistake, you always have that backup you made and can overwrite your mistakes.

Special Thanks

Jesse for writing ADX Frontend. It makes converting the music very simple!

Frugal for his original guide on how to do this.