House of the Dead Shooting Has Begun header

Gamespot reports that House of the Dead shooting has begun!

Mindfire Entertainment has announced that principal photography for the upcoming movie based on Sega’s House of the Dead series will begin in mid-May in Vancouver, Canada. The project will have a budget of $12 million, and it will be headed by German director Uwe Boll, whose credits include Sanctimony and Homeroom.

“We are delighted to be working with video game industry giant Sega to bring House of the Dead to the big screen,” said Dan Bates, CEO of Mindfire Entertainment. “Unlike other video game-based movies, House of the Dead will be in a unique position to exploit the cross-marketing and promotional opportunities between the successful game franchise and the movie, as they will share a common storyline and aesthetic.”

In related news, Sega is continuing work on House of the Dead 3, which is currently being developed at its Wow Entertainment studios. It’s scheduled for release on the Xbox later this year.”

Interesting that it’s got a really low budget. I can only hope we’ll end up with a sweet horror flick, but you just know it’ll be a sci-fi/action flick…