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Heavy Metal Geomatrix is a third-person action / fighting game for the Sega Dreamcast.

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Alternate Titles ヘビーメタルジオマトリックス
Genre Third-person action / fighting
# of Players 1-2
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Big Ben Interactive (EU)
Release Dates July 12th, 2001 (JP)
September 13th, 2001 (US)
April 12th, 2002 (EU)
Release Prices ¥ 5,800 (JP)
$ 29.99 (US)
£ ? (EU)
Product IDs T-1246M (JP)
T-1223N (US)
T-46602D-50 (EU)
Barcodes 4976219554466 (JP)
013388250233 (US)
3499550207422 (EU)
Rating M (US)
ELSPA 15+ (EU)

Heavy Metal Geomatrix Overview

Heavy Metal Geomatrix is a port of the NAOMI arcade game released by Capcom in 2001. It was one of Capcom’s many budget-priced release in the later days of the Dreamcast in the US.

HMG was an original concept developed by Kevin Eastman (of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame) and featured characters designed by artist Simon Bisley. The game features the Heavy Metal license and the design of it is influenced greatly by it.

The game is a third-person fighting game similar to the 1999 game Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand. Characters fight in various arenas with melee and range attacks. It is fairly fun but some will likely find the camera frustrating.

The game features a soundtrack full of Sanctuary Records artists Megadeth, Halford, Corrosion of Conformity, Dust to Dust, W.A.S.P., and Entombed; although fans might be disappointed in the track selection.

Heavy Metal Geomatrix Screenshots

You can find our collection of screenshots for the game below.

Heavy Metal Geomatrix Videos

Heavy Metal Geomatrix - Intro HD Dreamcast
Playing as Mayfly - Heavy Metal: Geomatrix (Sega Dreamcast)

Heavy Metal Geomatrix Wallpapers

We’ve created a wallpaper for the game below. Do you have any? Let us know!

heavy metal geomatrix wallpaper 01

Heavy Metal Geomatrix Artwork

Below you’ll find game art as well as colored sketches of the characters done by Bisley.

Other Media

Below are two Japanese print ads for the game.

Big Ben promoted Heavy Metal Geomatrix along with Cannon Spike in a France print ad.

heavy metal geomatrix cannon spike FR print ad

You can read Capcom’s 2001 press release announcing Heavy Metal Geomatrix here.

Heavy Metal Geomatrix Merchandise

A soundtrack was released for the game, published by Sanctuary Records (Catalog # 06076-84524-2) on September 25, 2001. The soundtrack disc contained extra content when viewed on a computer. You can find a custom menu leading you to in-game movies, design sketches, and information on the characters and weapons.

You can find it’s listing on on Amazon here.

Anyone who is a fan of the game’s character designs by Simon Bisley should seek out this poster for the original arcade game.

heavy metal geomatrix arcade poster

Random Information

Heavy Metal Geomatrix uses 4 VMU blocks to save data and supports VGA output.

Cheats & Secrets

Alternate Costumes
Press X, B, or Y while selecting a character to change their costume.

Hidden Tag and Vs Modes
Enter Arcade mode, then have a second player join. Options for “Tag Mode” and “Vs Mode” will appear.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health P1 C02AD5BE000003E8
Infinite Time 8AADD81E00001000
Infinite Weapon Ammo P1 B5DFEE5500000028
Infinite Weapon Ammo P2 ADCDC32300000028
Instant Win P1 Arcade Mode 8AADD81E00000000
Low Health Enemy 1 DCDAB93600000000
Low Health Enemy 2 B88FEE0200000000
Never Win P1 CAD2554100000000
Never Win P2 D53A39C500000000
No Weapon Ammo P1 B5DFEE5500000000
No Weapon Ammo P2 ADCDC32300000000
P1 Max Score Chaos E309CAAC05F5E0FF
[M] Must Be First 9C5D88F8
[M] Must Be Last 245EECA9


Creative Consultant
Kevin Eastman

Character Design
Simon Bisley

Shinichirō Obata

Hideaki Sugimura, Tomohiko Ishida

Lead Programmer
Yūichi Ueda

Player Programmer
Nobushige Takaki

Motion & Model Program
Satoshi Ito

Special Effects Program
Shinichi Sasakihara

Character Modeller
Kōki Kita

Stage Design
Souzi Takamori
Takahiro Mizutani

Interface Design
Takahiro Mizutani

Character Motion Design
Hisashi Kanie

Item Modelling
Kōki Kita

Special Effects Design

Title Demo
Yoshinori Kobayashi

Ending Design
Takahiro Mizutani

Chaos Matrix Staff
Shinichirō Obata
Hideaki Sugimura
Tomohiko Ishida
Yūichi Ueda
Nobushige Takaki
Shinichi Sasakihara
Masahiko Ogawa
Takahiro Mizutani

Instruction Stiker Design
Shinichirō Sakomizu (Sakomizu)

Manual Design
Yumiko Uchida

Tetsuya Shibata

Sound Effects
Takeshi Kitamura (Moe-T)
Masayoshi Umezu

Sound Engineer
Kazuya Takimoto

Studio Engineer
Paul Shubat

Voice Director
Susan Hart

Voice Producer
Erik Suzuki

Japan Exchange Assosiation (JEA)
Richard Privman
Yumiki Miyano

Corrosion of Conformity
Dust to Dust

Promotion Unit
Takuya Shiraiwa
Takafumi Tanaka
Norio Tanaka
Michiyo Aoki
Takayuki Sano
Hiroshi Nakaya
Junya Watanabe
Yoshinori Ono

Web Page Design
Ichiro Tanaka

Special Thanks
Morimichi Suzuki
Kazunobu Takamatsu
Masaru Kanai
Kenji Kataoka
Haruo Murata
Tsunenori Shirahama
Ryota Fujii
Abu Takemura
Akira Kokushoh
Mitsuaki Araki
Takeshi Taniguchi
Yuji Matsumoto
Kentaro Kaneko
Hitoshi Yokota
and all CAPCOM Staff

Takashi Shono

General Producer
Noritaka Funamizu

Executive Producer
Yoshiki Okamoto

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