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Golvellius: Valley of Doom

October 19, 2015

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Golvellius: Valley of Doom (魔王ゴルベリアス) is a damn fine action/RPG for the Sega Master System.

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Alternate Titles Maou Golvellius
Genre Action / RPG
# of Players 1
Developer(s) Compile
Publisher(s) Sega (JP, NA, EU)
TecToy (SA)
Release Dates August 14th, 1988 (Japan)
December 1988 (NA)
1988 (EU)
1988 (SA)
Release Prices ¥5,500 (Japan)
? (NA)
£24.95 (EU)
? (NA)
Product IDs G-1363 (Japan)
7017 (NA)
7017 (EU)
? (SA)
Barcodes 4974365143633 (JP)
010086070170 (NA)
? (EU)
? (SA)
Rating N/A

Golvellius Overview

Golvellius: Valley of Doom (魔王ゴルベリアス) is a damn fine action/RPG for the Sega Master System. is an action/RPG very similar to Zelda II or Crystalis for the Nintendo Famicom. It was originally released on the MSX in Japan and then found it’s way to the Master System thanks to Sega.

The game tells the story of Keleses who must rescue Princess Rena. The demon lord Govellius has hidden her somewhere in the Valley of Doom.

golvellius screenshot

The Valley of Doom is split into seven major areas. You will have to clear each to unlock the next, but are free to backtrack and search for any secrets you might have missed.

Golvellius is split into different segments. You have an overhead exploration mode where you run around grinding up gold to pay for items from the game’s various shopkeepers.

Once you discover and enter a dungeon, the game switches it’s perspective and you’re fighting enemies in over a vertical or horizontal scrolling fashion. The overhead sections scroll automatically and actually end up feeling more like a classic shooter.

golvellius screenshot

Each of the seven dungeons has a demon waiting for you at the end. Defeat them and, surprise, you’ll have to buy a crystal before you can unlock the next area.

The game’s music changes when you upgrade your equipment, which is quite different from just about every game of it’s time. Most of the tracks are very nice.

One of Golvellius‘ biggest flaws are how much grinding the games forces you to do to advance. You need a ridiculous amount of cash for everything and it really slows the pace of the game down.

Its other main annoyance is the game’s lack of a battery backup save function. You’re stuck doing it the old-fashioned way with nice, lengthy passwords. Joy of joys!

Despite these two issues, Golvellius is definitely worth playing for fans of the genre.

Golvellius Screenshots

Golvellius Videos

Gollvelius gameplay

Golvellius Artwork

Here’s a chart the enemies from the manual.
golvellius enemies chart

As well as a chart of Golvellius’ demons.

golvellius demons chart

Golvellius Wallpapers

Here’s our lone Golvellius wallpaper.

govellius wallpaper


I could not locate any Golvellius memorabilia, unfortunately. If you know of something existing, please comment below or contact us!

Other Media

You can download full scans the North American manual here and Japanese manual here.

There is a nice Japanese print ad for the MSX2 version of Golvellius.

golvellius msx print ad

Random Information

The North American manual has some conflicting information with the game. Several of the creatures’ names are different. Here’s a table of the all of the demon’s names in each.


Ring of Invisibility
The item is listed as “Ring of Invisibility” in the game. It allows you to break rocks with your sword. Someone must have had a late night.

Bad Bug
The game will crash or reboot on you if you do the following:
1. Purchase Remedia’s Shield, then go back and purchase the weaker Aruzasu’s Shield.
2. Attempt to purchase the Valley Sword after Step 1.


Sega of American provided hints for the game through the mall if you requested them. You can view Golvelliushere.

You can check out a map of Golvellius’ overworld below.

govellius overworld map

Cheats & Secrets

Sound Test

Begin a new game. As Kelesis walks into the cave where he meets the old woman, push the the D-pad in upper-left position and hold down both buttons on the game pad until he’s in the cave.


Here’s a few passwords for Golvellius.

7 Crystals, 40,000 gold, 80,000 gold max., Legendary Sword, Remedia’s Shield, Ascent Boots, Ring of Invincibility, Magic Mirror, Ramurasu’s Pendant DXG8 JSS7 7VV2 KYB4
Starts you at the end of the game. Just find the last old lady and then take on Golvellius. W4KQ AH85 LD5X KNGF

Mega Life Refill
When visiting Randar, hold a button down when he refills your energy and all of your life will be filled to capacity.

After you gather all 19 potions and both herbs, you’ll become invincible after you lose all of your energy.

Just avoid collection potions or getting your life replenished, as you’ll become normal again and have to collect both herbs to become invincible.

Action Replay Codes

00C84099 Infinite money (keeps showing 99000)
00C83690 Infinite energy
00C845FF All bridges built and blockades removed
00C848FF Super sword


Masamitsu Niitani

Original game designed by
Satoshi Fujishima

Planning, map design, etc
Katsuji Suenaga (Maikeo)

Programmed by
Takayuki Hirono
Yukinori Akabay (Akabei)
Kenji Shintani (Lunarian)

Graphics designed by
Hyōju Mū (Hyohju Mu)

Sound composed by
Masatomo Miyamoto (Miyamo)
Takeshi Santō (Shant)

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Special Thanks / Sources

Sega8bi for the Helpful Hints sheet scan.

Golvellius @ SMSPower for the overworld map and Action Replay codes. You can find dungeon maps there also.

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