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Genei Toshi: Illusion City is an RPG with a dystopian setting for the Sega Mega CD.

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Alternate Titles 幻影都市 ~イリュージョンシティ~
幻影都市: Illusion City
Phantom City (Tentative NA title)
Genre RPG
# of Players 1
Developer(s) Microcabin (Original Game)
Aisystem Tokyo (Mega CD port)
Publisher(s) Microcabin
Release Dates May 28th, 1993 (JP)
Release Prices ¥ 4,980 (JP)
Product IDs T-51014 (JP)
Barcodes 4988608123009 (JP)
Rating N/A

Genei Toshi: Illusion City Overview

Genei Toshi: Illusion City is a Mega CD port of the MSX Turbo R game of the same name.

The game takes place in Hong Kong during the year 202X. A demon invasion has infected all of Asian, with Hong Kong being hit especially hard. Eventually, people start making their way back into the city to see that a mysterious corporation called SIVA had taken over the city. SIVA has declared Hong Kong to be an independent state, with China and the United Kingdom both accepting it’s new statehood*.

You take the role of Tianren who is a “diver,” or demon hunter. His partner is a girl named Meihong. Together, they explore the city, chasing down leads and fighting the demons. Throughout the game, you will slowly uncover the truth behind SIVA and the demon attack.

Combat in the game is done in an over-the-shoulder style similar to Phantasy Star II & IV. A neat, fairly unique feature for games at the game is that party members’ skill with weapons increases as they use them in battle.

It’s such a shame that this game never received an English localization. The setting and plot are definitely interesting and would have set it apart from other RPGs at the time, with the closest thing being the Genesis version of Shadowrun. Shin Megami Tensei fans would have likely ate it up as well. Supposedly, it was being considered for Western release, but nothing came of it.

Unfortunately, unless you have a good understanding of the Japanese language, you’ll be fairly lost in this game. No guide or translation has been made for this version and only an incomplete English patch exists for the MSX version.

* Note: Obviously, this game was written prior to the U.K. relinquishing the territory to the People’s Republic of China in 1997. However, it’s odd that the developer didn’t know about the original 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration that initiated the transfer years prior to the original Illusion City’s release. The game is set well after the designated year for the transfer.

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Genei Toshi: Illusion City Merchandise

All Sounds of Illusion City (幻影都市 全曲集 , Geneitoshi Zenkyokushu) is a 33-track soundtrack album published by DATAM Polystar (Catalog # PSCX-1043) on April 25th, 1992 for ¥ 2,400.

Random Information

-Some of the game’s developers and composers would later work on games such as Blazing Heroes / Mystaria: The Realms of Lore, Shenmue and Sonic Generations.


There exists not a single guide or walkthrough for this game, which is a shame. Hopefully, someone with enough Japanese knowledge creates one eventually…


Yasuhiko Nakatsu (中津 泰彦)

Original Story
Yasuhiko Nakatsu (中津 泰彦)

Game Design
Yasuhiko Nakatsu (中津 泰彦)

Masashi Katō (加藤雅史)

Masashi Katō (加藤雅史)

Character Concept Design
Hyakkimaru (百鬼丸)

Map Design
Hitoshi Suenaga (末永仁志)

Monster Design
Yasuhiro Jinnai (陣内 靖弘)

Music Compose
Tadahiro Nitta (新田 忠弘)
Yasufumi Fukuda (福田 康文)
Yukiharu Urita (瓜田 幸治)

Mega-CD Special Music Opening & Ending Themes

Arranged by
Hirokazu Ohta (太田 浩一)

Computer Programmed by
Hirokazu Ohta (太田 浩一)

Composed by
Hirokazu Ohta (太田 浩一)

Mixed by
Hiroya Kōzuki (上月 洋也)

Ohta Factory

Original Work Staff

Yasuhiko Nakatsu (中津 泰彦)
Shōjirō Aoki (青木正二郎)
Hiroshi Yamada (山田 浩司)
Akira Misoda (三曽田明)
Katsumi Itō (伊藤勝己)

Masashi Katō (加藤雅史)

Hyakkimaru (Real name: Koji Nakakita, 中北晃二)
Hitoshi Suenaga (末永仁志)
Yasuhiro Jinna (i陣内 靖弘)
Kenzō Furuya (古屋賢三)
Yōichirō Kawaguchi (川口洋一郎)
Yasuaki Kubo (久保泰章)
Fumihide Aoki (青木文秀)

Etsuko Taniguchi (谷口恵津子)
Rika Niimi (新美里華)

Mega-CD Work Staff

Mutaka Ai
Tetsuo Niizeki
Daikoku Hisaya (Wolfgang Schmidt)
Yoshihiro Yokota

Masayuki Suzuki (鈴木 雅幸)
Yōko Gotan (Gotan)
Satomi Yokose
Munemori Morikawa

Hirotoshi Moriya
Masato Takahashi

Mega-CD Special Music Battle Themes
Yasufumi Fukuda (福田 康文)

Image Illustration
Yukio Kitta (橘田幸雄)

Hideaki Itou
Toshihide Saitō
Hitoshi Deguchi (出口 等)

Special Thanks

Yoshihara Kabuto (Art Musically Co. Inc.)

Develop Arrow Soft Co. Inc., Aisystem Co. Ltd.
(c) 1993 Micro Cabin Corp.

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