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Football Manager 2017 Due Out November 4th

September 7, 2016

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Football Manager is among the more overlooked Sega franchises, perhaps because it mainly satisfies a sort of niche sub-genre of sports gamers who are passionate about soccer management. But these games have been coming out regularly since 1992’s Championship Manager, and they’re not done just yet. Football Manager 2017 is due out on November 4th, but before we look at the specifics, it’s worth mentioning that soccer gaming has grown more popular of late—and not just through the latest FIFA and PES titles.

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Online, soccer (or football) has become a recurring theme at casino sites looking to liven up the action a little bit. The “Football Rules” game hosted within Gala’s jackpots page showcases the trend by packing soccer symbols in as icons on slot reels. It’s all about sitting back and hoping to match up jerseys, goalkeepers guarding nets, soccer balls, referees, and players, but there’s also a fun bonus game that more or less functions as a penalty shootout. It’s straightforward, but it’s a fun way to play for those who like to find interesting soccer games online.

On mobile devices, there are so many soccer games it’s difficult to keep track of them. There are a few that function similarly to “Football Rules,” either using soccer themes in other gaming formats or invoking penalty shootouts, but others are more complete gaming experiences. These include pocket versions of console games, various match simulations, and the like. However, there are also a few games that more closely approximate what we’ve come to expect from Football Manager. For instance, Champ Man 16 has become a popular mobile game, and a review by Pocket Gamer even specifically described it as, essentially, the best mobile alternative to Football Manager.

Soccer gaming has truly taken off in all corners of the industry. While it doesn’t have quite the name recognition of some other recurring Sega titles, Football Manager may just be the best soccer game of all. And naturally, the 2017 version coming out shortly should be the most impressive one yet.

You can find a full round-up of rumors about the release here, and it’s looking like a deeper and more detailed version of a game that’s already considered to be an exceptional experience by those who play it. In Football Manager 2017, you’ll have the chance to fully customize your manager avatar and guide a club of your choice through different challenges and leagues in an attempt to reach the top of the club soccer world. Gameplay is expected to be more streamlined, there are thought to be more options for ways to put your team to the test, and it’s all supposed to be available for £35 ($50) or under from Steam.

In all likelihood, this will quickly become the top game in the soccer management sub-genre, if not in tactical sports gaming in general. The depth of the strategizing and team organization are always outstanding in this series.

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