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Floigan Bros. Episode 1 is a rather animated adventure game for the Sega Dreamcast.

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Alternate Titles
Genre Adventure
# of Players 1
Developer(s) Visual Concepts
Publisher(s) Sega (NA)
BigBen (EU))
Release Dates July 30th, 2001 (NA)
November 23rd, 2001 (EU)
Release Prices $ 39.99 (NA)
? (EU)
Product IDs 51114 (NA)
MK-51114-50 (EU)
Barcodes 010086511147 (NA)
5060004761319 (EU)
Rating E (NA)
USK 6 (DE)
aDeSe TP (SP)

Floigan Bros. Overview

Floigan Bros. Episode 1 was ultimately intended to be the first in a series of video games starring the eponymous duo Hoigle and Moigle Floigan. Visual Concepts started development on the title before the Dreamcast’s release and the game didn’t make it to store shelves until almost half a year after Sega discontinued the Dreamcast.

The gameplay centers around the player controlling Hoigle and interacting with his idiot savant brother Moigle to solve puzzles. You will control him indirectly by speaking to or using items to get an emotional reaction out of him to advance the story. Your main goal in this game is to help Moigle collect all of the parts for his invention and overcome the obstacles the villain Baron Malodorous puts in your path.

Floigan Bros. takes a lot of inspiration from classic comedy duos and American cartoons, much in the same way some Cartoon Network original shows would at the time. You will see homages to Looney Tunes and Tex Avery classics throughout the game.

The game is rather short and one can finish it in roughly 2 hours, but it’s a fairly good experience for fans of adventure games of this type.

Monthly downloadable content was available in the form of items you could use on Moigle.

Plans for additional episodes were drafted and what would could assume was a promo for episode 2 could be seen on the title screen reading “Coming Soon Wild West.” With Episode 1’s late release, it’s possible Sega and Visual Concepts might have considered releasing sequels on other platforms, but nothing came to fruition. Perhaps the Wild West promo was a long abandoned relic of earlier plans for the series and it just wasn’t removed.

floigan bros episode 1 coming soon wild west

It’s a shame the series didn’t get the proper promotion or release it could have. A port and expansion of the game on Nintendo’s GameCube seems like a no-brainer to me.



Floigan Brothers Gameplay Dreamcast
Floigan Brothers - Title menu introductions
Floigan Bros trailer


Other Media

You can download a 14MB scan of the North American manual in PDF format here.

BigBen featured the game in a French print advertisement along with Shenmue II, Virtua Tennis 2, Headhunter, 90 Minutes: Sega Championship Football, and Propeller Arena.

french dreamcast advertisement big ben shenmue II virtua tennis 2 floigan bros headhunter propeller arena 90 minutes

Downloadable Content

The game’s website had downloadable monthly items you could get for Moigle to use. To use the game’s DLC, download the files to your VMU. Start the game and select Options and then Monthly Item. Then select the items you wish to add to the game.

So far, I’ve only been able to secure a VMI file for January’s Monthly item, but I would love to host the others if someone happens to have them. Please contact me if that’s the case so this DLC is not lost and people can check it out!

I’ve listed the DLC only of which that I could confirm it’s contents. I have read one source which indicated there were a total of 8 published, but that might not be correct.

The sole file below is for the North American version of the game, although it might be compatible with the European release. If you know either way, please leave a comment below.

August – Moigle gets a baseball cap.

January – Moigle gets a blue Santa hat.

Online Features

In addition to the downloadable content, the game’s website allowed players to trade Moigles with each other and chat live.

The website for the game was taken offline sometime in the year 2002.


Any sort of Floigan Bros. merchandise did not seem to exist until long after the game’s release. Eventually, Redbubble licensed a lackluster clothing design with the game’s duo as they appear on the title screen. You can obtain it in various shirt and hoodie forms here if you so desire.

floigan bros redbubble tshirt

Random Information

-There is an easter egg for Visual Concept’s next Dreamcast game Ooga Booga in Floigan Bros. Twitchy’s mask can be found and used as an item in the game. The mask causes Moigle to be afraid. You can watch a video of it in action here.

ooga booga mask in floigan bros


A FAQ was written for the game by winnie the poop, which you can download here. It features a primer on how to play the game as well as a full walkthrough.

Cheats & Secrets

Level Skip

Pause the game and hold L, Y, X, and A.

Unlock Everything

Pause the game and press up, up, up, up, up, up, left, right, then up.

Music Test

With the power on, put the game disc in your Dreamcast and close the lid while holding L and R until a back screen with a list of music appear. You can then press up or down to select a track, A to play one, and B to stop playback.

GameShark Codes

The first Master Code needs to be the first code entered, while the second one needs to be the last for everything to work.

Master Code – Must Be First


Master Code – Must Be Last


999 Points Hoigle

DF4ACA08 000003E7

999 Points Moigle

3F4EFEFB 000003E7

0 Points Moigle

3F4EFEFB 00000000


55B46421 00000000
91098AE9 00C92AF8


Visual Concepts

Floigan Bros. Engineers
Nicholas A. Jones
Tim Meekins
Nick Verne
John Elliot

Floigan Bros. Character Animators
John Neary
Dan Lavender

Background Artists
Frank Robbins
Joyce Rietveld
Steve Paris

GUI Artist
Steve Paris

Music Composer
Brian Luzietti

Audio Director
Brian Luzietti

Brian Luzietti (Keyboards/guitar/banjo)
John Gove (Trombone)
Jamison Smeltz (Bari Sax)
John L. Worley Jr. (Trumpet)
Guido Fazio (Alto Sax)
Alex Murzyn (Tenor Sax)
Chris Barnes (Trumpet)

SFX Design
Larry Peacock
That Other Guy
Other sound effects by Soundelux

Dialog Editing
J. Mateo Baker

Voice Casting and Direction
Andrea Romano

Voice Actors
Frank Welker (as Moigle Floigan)
Jason Marsden (as Hoigle Floigan)
Victor Raider Wexler (as Baron Malodorous)
Andrea Romano (as Cute Kitten)

Comedy Writers
Bill Allard
Merle Kessler (of Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre)

Game Designers
Andy Ashcraft
Hirokazu Yasuhara

Project Manager
Andy Ashcraft

Exec. Producers
Gregory A. Thomas
Scott L. Patterson

V.C. Tools Engineers
Joshua Lee
Nick Verne

V.C. Library Engineers
Chuck Batson
Ivar Olsen

VC Server Engineer
Mark Roberts

Special Thanks to
Jenn Baker
Wayne Herman
Richard Yee
Alvin Cardona

Even more Special Thanks to
Michael Biancalana
Carl Grande
Theo Eldridge
Jess Sterzl
Andrew Leker
The Ooga Booga Team
Leandro Penaloza
David L. Lee

A Toast to…
David Blanchette
Alex Lopez
Tom Zehner
Ronald Pieket-Weeserik
Brian K. Hughes
Alice Crysdale
Louis Franco
Audrey Seymour
Patrick Moran
Lenny Lee
Eric David Browning
Brian Silva
Mark Anderson

Platsch freeware font by
Dietmar Schumacher

SegaNET Credits

Online Producer
Arthur Datangel

Lead Online Tester
Paco Youngel

Online Testers
Nicolas J. Azizian
Jason Nolen
Darren Nagtalon

Web Producer
Chris Olson

Web Tester
Eric Wilhelm

SegaNet Database
Aiyu Li

SegaNet Server Ops
Eugene Archibald
Eric Fehr
Gabriel Belinsky
Douglas Land

Special Thanks to
Joey Berrios
Skip McIlvaine
Bee Yinn Low
Jerry Markota
Jeff Hedges
Ryan Hurth
Al Rivera
Lancelot Nelson

Sega of America Dreamcast

Product Manager
Robert Alvarez

Associate Product Manager
Cord Smith

Director of Marketing
John Golden

Director of Creative Services
Robert Schonfisch

CS Project Coordinator
Arianne Pitts

Manual Designer
Miles Steuding

Public Relations
Gwen Marker
Teri A. Higgins
Thanx also to Access Communications!

Lead Testers
Robert Reich
Jason Mercer

Assistant Lead Testers
Kari Hattner
Berjes Enriquez
Neil Sorens

Daniel Airey
Robert Anthony
Marvin Earl Blanton
Dwight Clancy
Shawn Dobbins
Antonio Eco
Brent Fillmore
Tom Fong
Daniel Goh
Steve Gonzalez
Jeffrey Gullett
Tristan Haggerty
Michael Jao
Paul Jarolimek-Proner
Shaheed Khan
Walter Kim
Chester Lee
Art Liboon
Michael Madfes
Ray Murakawa
Steven Peck
Pedro Ponce
Francisco Rivera
Ronald Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez
Jordan Romaidis
Mike Schmidt
Davidson Talag
Roman Tobe
Alex Vaughan
Jose Venegas
Amy-Geene Williamson
Catherine Yu

Special Thanks to
Charles Bellfield
Osamu Shibamiya
Michael Rhinehart
Sirr Less
A. Lisa Mackie
Robert Lightner
Chris Gilbert
Peter Moore

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