The Dreamcast Silencer Mod will help you quiet down your noisy ass Dreamcast.

Note: This mod guide was originally published at, but the site went down after the host ended free hosting. So I am providing this archive so that people can make use of the author’s work.

Also, I’ve never done this to a Dreamcast, so I can’t vouch for any side effects! You’re taking your Dreamcast’s life in your own hands! Are you okay with that?

The Dreamcast Silencer Mod

The Sega Dreamcast is one noisy console.
The disc lid gives a loud CLICK! when closed and the laser motor sounds like it belongs in a dot-matrix printer from the ’80s.
Reduce these noises by following the guide.
Photographs copyright Shitty Illustrations Inc.


• Philips screwdriver.
• Scissors.
• Silicon Grease.
• Felt stickers.

Open it up

Turn the console upside down and remove the Modem/Broadband Adapter.
Remove the four case screws then turn the console round the right way.
Open the lid, making sure to remove any disc you may have inside, then lift the top off.
It may take a bit of wiggling as the power socket likes to grip onto the case.
Make sure to keep all screws in a safe place, don’t lose them and hoover them up like I do.

Laser Disassembly & Silencing

Remove the power switch connector from the psu board, highlighted green in the pic above,
then remove the two screws, highlighted in red.
To remove the psu board, pull back the plastic clip, located at the blue arrow.

Take the three laser screws out, then grip the metal sides of the assembly and pull it away from the console.
Don’t worry, you won’t snap any cables, it simply unplugs from a socket.
Put the console to one side for now, we’ll concentrate on the laser assembly for now.

The laser sled must be at it’s outermost position, furthest from the spindle, as pictured above.
Gently push it away from the spindle, being careful not to touch the lens.
You may have noticed the red/white/black wires which come out from the side of the assembly, before disappearing back inside.
They are held in place by two clips, marked by arrows in the pic above.
The can be lifted up, and the wires pulled out and left to rest on top of the clips.

Now, the top part of the laser assembly can be flipped over to reveal the motors/gears.
The sled drive motor generates a bit of noise, but not much can about that.
However, the plastic gears also make a bit of noise, which can be reduced by lubricating them with a small amount of silicon grease.

I use a fine paintbrush to dab the grease onto the gears, this prevents any blobs from straying onto the laser sled.

Lid Silencing

There are two causes of the loud click from closing the lid.
The lid clicking against the console case, and the lid catch clicking into the closed position.

If you look at the inside rim of the lid, you’ll see two raised bumps.
Use a file to remove them, then stick a small strip of felt between the ex-bumps.
Place another felt strip below the door-catch indent.

Looking inside the top case, there’s a sliding catch with a spring attached.
The red arrow shows where the catch snaps shut against the case, causing a loud click.
Remove the spring and the two screws before removing the catch.

Stick a final piece of felt onto the flat end of the catch.
Screw it back in, re-attach the spring test the open/close mechanism.
It should now be less ‘clicky’.


Return the red/white/black wires under the clips on the laser assembly.
Reseat the laser assembly, then screw it in place with three screws.


Place the psu shield in place.
Put the PSU board back in, two screws to hold it in place, reconnect the power switch connector.
Make sure the disc lid is in the open position, then place it back onto the console.
If you put it on with the lid closed, it will jam against the door switch.
Flip the console over and replace the four case screws, then plug the Modem/BBA back in.