Manufacturer: Sega

Released: March 2000 (Initial, Japan), September 6th, 2001 (Re-release, Japan)

Initial Price: 49,800 Yen (Initial), 9,900 Yen (Re-release)

In Package: R7 Dreamcast, controller, Dream Passport disc, broadband adapter, power adapter, a/v cables, instructions.

Misc. Notes: Black Dreamcasts that were originally sold to pachinko parlors in Japan in March 2000 for 49,800 Yen. When equipped with an exclusive piece of software, will give its users access to the “R7” Pachinko information service. The Dreamcast would act as a terminal for the gambler.

When Sega got out of the hardware business around the time of Shenmue II’s release in Japan, they decided to dump their stock of the devices to retail shelves. The device retailed for a much cheaper 9,900 Yen but did not include the R7 game disc and was essentially a black Dreamcast with a BBA included.

I found this quote on Wikipedia article for the Dreamcast: “This model included special hardware that allowed it to run Sega’s NAOMI arcade GD-ROMs.” I have yet to see this stated anywhere else, though.