dreamcast broadband adapter

The Dreamcast Broadband Adapter (BBA) allows you to connect your Dreamcast to the internet.

Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Packaging Images


Alternate Titles ブロードバンドアダプタ
Manufacturer(s) SEGA
Release Dates July 15th, 2000 (JP)
January 10th, 2001 (NA)
Release Prices ? (JP)
$50 (NA)
Product IDs HIT-0400 (Hardware Model # worldwide)
HIT-0401 (JP Packaging)
MK-50176 (NA Packaging)
Barcodes 4974365105037 (JP)
010086501766 (NA)
In Packages Dreamcast BBA Adapter, Broadband Passport disc, manual (JP)


You can download and view the North American Dreamcast Broadband Adapter manual here in PDF format.

Miscellaneous Notes

The Dreamcast Broadband Adapter allowed you to replace the Dreamcast’s pack-in dial-up modem with a high-speed Ethernet adapter!

A misunderstanding and misinformation has spread concerning the model numbers and product IDs for the different BBAs. HIT-400 is the actual model number for the hardware itself. HIT-0401 is the code for the Japanese packaging and MK-50176 is the code for the North American packaging. If you have a device that is HIT-0300, you are looking at a Dreamcast LAN Adapter which is completely different.

Two color variations of the Japanese Dreamcast Broadband Adapter were made available. The white standard model is fairly common, while the black model is a bit more rare. As you can see from the photos above, there is a small packaging difference between the two. There is a black dot in the lower right-hand corner for the black model.

dreamcast broadband adapter difference

It is not clear from my research at this time if a black BBA was released in North America.

The Dreamcast BBA features a Realtek 8139 chip and supported 10 and 100 Mbit speeds.

To configure the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter, you will need to load some software that is compatible with your Dreamcast. That means you can purchase a Japanese BBA and use it on a US or EU system, provided you can configure it. You can use any of the following along with other possible homebrew solutions.

DreamPassport 2.x/3.x (Japan)
Broadband Passport (DreamPassport 2.x)
XDP Web Browser (DreamPassport 3.x)
PlanetWeb Browser ver 3.0 (North America)
POD Speedzone – US/NTSC
Quake 3 Arena – US/NTSC
Unreal Tournament – US/NTSC
SegaAM2 BBA Config Tool (Outtrigger / Propeller Arena)

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Special Thanks / Sources

-Both pictures of the Japanese set provided by this blog.