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Dragon Force is one of the finest Strategy RPG games for the Sega Saturn.

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Here’s our collection of Dragon Force artwork.

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Dragon Force Merchandise

An official guide book (ISBN #: 4893665235) was released in Japan by ASCII in May of 1995. It has 128 pages and features many illustrations.

dragon force official guide book

A 24 track official soundtrack album (Catalog #: POCX-1019 ) on May 25, 1996 in Japan by Polygram for 2800 yen.

Another soundtrack album called Dragon Force Complete Album (Catalog #: SDC-0003/4 ) was released in Japan by SEGA on June 30th, 2005 for 3,300 yen. This album was released in conjunction with the Sega Ages PlayStation 2 port of the game. It’s a 46-track, 2 CD set that features lengthened tracks, unreleased tracks, and improved audio quality from the original soundtrack.

A half drama, half arranged music album titled Genesis of Dragon Force (Catalog #: MGCD-1018) was released in Japan by Media Rings on April 1st, 1998 for 2,500 yen. It is the seventh album in Media Ring’s “GM-Progress” series of albums. The album has 14 tracks, five of which are purely instrumental.

The drama portions of the album help set the story for the beginning of the game.

Did we mention this was a Working Designs release in North America? Obviously, that means there’s tons of merchandise that came out in the States, all through mail order.

There’s a t-shirt…

working designs shirts

…a hat…

working designs hats

…a mouse pad…

working designs mouse pads

…a poster…

working designs posters

… a watch…

working designs watches

…and a collector’s pin!

working designs pins

Dragon Force Scans

You can find the North American manual for the game here.

Working Designs used four different disc arts through production of the game.

In addition, Working Designs issued three different RAM cart stickers during production.


Below are the North American and Japanese print ads for the game.

Cheats & Secrets

Debug Mode
At the Press Start screen, hold buttons L, R, X, and Z then press Down, Down, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Right, Right, then press Start.

All Items
With the Debug Mode enabled, hold button X as you start a game until the domestic affairs screen appears, you’ll have 15 medals and one of every item.

If you hold down to the X button every time the game tells you “Domestic Affairs beckon…,” you’ll have another load of items every time.

Play as Goldark and Reinhart
Simply beat the game with any character and you’ll be able to play as either character when you start a new game.

Dragon Force Credits

USA Team

Victor Ireland

Akiko Peterson
Victor Ireland
Dean Williams
Laurie Tom
Tim Trzepacz

Tim Trzepacz

Additional Music:
Bill King

Recording Engineer:
Bill Staeck

Voice Talent:
Astea: Katie Staeck
Nolun: Dean Williams
Teiris: Rhonda Gibson
Rudget: Jon Thompson
Katt: Kathy Emma
Narrator: John Truitt

Manual Design:
Don Shirley
Victor Ireland
Cindy Ireland

Product Testing:
Bonnie Shirley
Eric ‘Pottle’ Brewer

Kelly Knight

Japan Team:

Tomoyuki Ito

Hiroshi Ohba
Takashi Hasimoto
Kei Nakajima
Naoya Souma

Design Chief:
Masahiro Sanpei

Graphic Design:
Kazuyuki Shibata
Yoshihito Takahashi
Toshihiro Ito
Yasufumi Soejima
Yukinobu Asai
Kazuhiro Miyawaki
Masako Okuda
Shinnosuke Hino

Visual Design:
Tooru Shimizu

Programming Chief:
Yoshiaki Endo

Takayuki Iida
Tsutomo Matsuo
Shigeharu Yoshikawa
Fuyuhiko Fujimoto
Michiharu Nakamura
Masahiko Kikuchi
Naoki Watabe

Programming Assistants:
Hiroshi Momota
Hiromasa Kaneko
Kazuyuki Mukaida
Kenichi Yamaguchi

Sound Director:
Hirofumi Murasaki

Tatsuyuki Maeda

Sound Effects:
Seiroh Okamoto
Mariko Nanba

Makoto Goya

Technical Directors:
Kouichi Nagata
Shuichi Katagi

Art Direction:
Koh Tanaka

Hiroshi Asou
Tatsuo Yamada
Makoto Oshitani
Youji Ishii

USA Special Thanks:
Cindy & Brodrico, S. Schmitt, Jin Shimazaki, Shunobu Shindo, Mike’s Music & Sound, Mountain Dew

Japan Special Thanks: Tomohiro Yamamoto, Jun Sasaki, Mami Sasaki, Takaho Sano

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Special Thanks / Sources

SegaRetro for some data.

-Some cheat information from GameFAQs.

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-Working Designs catalog scans thanks to KidFenris.