Sorry about the delay in providing an update here – I really meant to prepare it last night but unfortunately there was a power outage here that prevented me from doing so.

This power outage has prompted me to discuss the most useless feature of Nintendo’s DS. As you may know, the DS has an internal clock function that keeps track of the date and time. This is used in very few games (Feel the Magic is one of them), so it almost seems like an afterthought. However, even more of an afterthought is Nintendo’s decision to integrate an alarm clock feature into the DS.

The only problem is that unless you’ve got a fully charged system, the battery isn’t going to last long enough for you to use it overnight. I set the alarm for 6 AM after the power went out and decided to call it a night. I awoke on my own at 4 AM, and the system had already run out of juice.

So I just wanted to offer my thanks to Nintendo for trying to make me late for work this morning. I’d like to thank my body’s internal clock for waking me up ahead of time.

The DS seems like the perfect tool to integrate a scheduler or planner or something useful, but no, Nintendo decided that people would rather have an alarm clock that won’t work right.

At any rate, I promised videos of Senko no Ronde, the new NAOMI based shooter/fighter from G-Rev, and thanks to SEGAFan 3000DC, I am delivering on that promise.

Although the quality of the videos is far from perfect, it will at least give you an idea of how the game plays. Now let’s all hope for a Dreamcast port.