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We launched This Day in Sega this past week, where you can get a daily dose of Sega history.

The Sega news scene has been fairly slow this week, which gave me the right amount of motivation to jump on an idea I’ve had for a while.

This Day in Sega is a new daily series on Youtube we started a few days ago where we cover game releases and other major events in the company’s history. All to mostly pretty awesome music from the games featured that day.

Below are the first three episodes of the show, which I hope shows my slowly increasing ability to suck less™.

This Day in Sega - March 16th
This Day in Sega - March 17th
This Day in Sega - March 18th

You can find the show every day on our Youtube channel. I will most likely add the Youtube series to our homepage in the near future (like right after posting this) so you can find it there as well. However, subscribing to our channel in the meantime helps our chances of growing faster. Please consider it.

Once my work schedule slows down this weekend, I plan to add on our second new multimedia project. Please look forward to it!