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A super Spy Hunter clone, the fastest duck alive, and the best and worst of Astro Boy are featured on today’s installment of This Day in Sega!


Action Fighter (Mark III, JP)

action fighter jp front cover

Action Fighter is a top-down shoot `em up where you control several vehicles including motorcycles, helicopters, cars and jet skis. It’s quite similar to Midway’s Spy Hunter. It was originally a Sega System-16 arcade game and would later see ports to a wide variety of home platforms.


Socket (Genesis, NA)

socket na front cover

socket na print adOh, Socket. You were such an obvious clone of Sonic the Hedgehog that the media thrashed you for it. I say, if you’re going to rip something off, at least make sure the source and your output are of good quality. Unfortunately, Socket never exceeds at being anything but mediocre.

Of course, their shameless attempt at copying Sonic‘s formula extended right into their advertising as well. Check out the North American print ad to the right! Yikes!


Astro Boy: Omega Factor (GBA, NA)

astro boy omega factor na front cover

Oh, now here’s a fantastic Game Boy Advance game! Astro Boy: Omega Factor was jointly developed by Sega’s Hitmaker studio and Treasure and published by Sega.

I remember reviewing this one alongside it’s terrible PS2 brother from Sonic Team and there was no contest. Omega Factor is the stuff that Astro Boy and action fans dreamed of! I consider this a must play for either group of people!

Speaking of Astro Boy for PS2…

Astro Boy (PS2, NA)

astro boy ps2 na cover
I don’t have a kind word to say about this subpar adaptation by Sonic Team. You would have expected more from them, but then again, their next big release was Shadow the Hedgehog.

This game is simply boring as can be. About as bad as your average Nintendo 64 game, honestly.

Closing Remarks

That’s all for this first edition of the new This Day in Sega. Was I wrong in my negative remarks for Astro Boy and Socket? Was Omega Factor not the best game released on this day in Sega history? Let me know in a comment down below and keep playing Sega!

If this format sticks, you’ll be able to find more installments here!