This Day in Sega - april 2nd header

Another alien provided a better time than Alf, underboob afficiandos breathed a sigh of relief, Alis’ adventure was given away to celebrate Alys adventure, we saw Rolf run, Arle looked for booty in some dungeons, and we made toast on this day in Sega history for April 2nd.

This Day in Sega - April 2nd (Final Fight CD, MDK 2, Phantasy Star Collection)

Featured today:

Hoshi wo Sagashite… (星をさがして・・・) for the Mark III (1988)
Final Fight CD (ファイナルファイトCD) for the Mega CD (1993)
Phantasy Star (ファンタシースター) for the Mega Drive (1994)
Phantasy Star Collection (ファンタシースターコレクション) for the Saturn (1998)
Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon (わくわくぷよぷよダンジョン) for the Saturn (1998)
MDK 2 for the Dreamcast (2000)

Hoshi wo Sagashite… English fan translation: