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Crunchyroll will simulcast new episodes of the new Phantasy Star Online 2 anime on Saturdays at 1:00AM EST.

What’s better than Saturday morning cartoons? Late Friday night cartoons! Who wants to wake up early on a Saturday anyway?

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PSO fans who are dying for anything to be published outside of Asia can finally breath a sigh of relief. Crunchyroll is streaming the new Phantasy Star Online 2 anime at the same time it airs in Japan for it’s premium members. Simply head over to their page for the anime each week and give it a viewing. Membership to site is $6.95 a month, but you can do a 14 day free trial if you haven’t done so already. One nice perk beyond watching premium content is that members do not see ads during any videos on the site.

The anime follows Itsuki Tachibana, a PSO2 player, and his adventures in and out of the game. I have a feeling it will be more than a little bit better than the recent TV series Heroes Reborn character Miko Otomo’s portrayal. That was just terrible.

heroes reborn Miko Otomo

Cutting edge computer animation in 2015. Let’s just have a quick shudder and try to move on!

Let’s move on with some eye bleach, guys. Here’s the ending that features an adorable Rappy dance number.

If the new Phantasy Star Online 2 anime isn’t your thing or you don’t have a membership, Crunchyroll is still streaming Hi-sCool! Seha Girls or Persona 4 the Golden ANIMATION for free for all visitors with some advertising.

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The Japanese website for the anime is here and you can view our small story on the anime’s announcement from July here.

Thanks to SegaNerds for the heads up!

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