As I promised yesterday, I’ve uploaded the new Shining Force Neo videos.

But being benstylus, I thought to myself, why stop there?

So instead of having 5 Shining Force Neo videos to download, I’ve added 17 videos from various Shining games (in addition to the two Shining Tears vids we already have) bringing us to 19 Shining movies. As usual, it’s all in the Vault.

No doubt you’ve got a lot to download now, so why don’t you get started?

SEGAFan 3000DC has been kind enough to donate some videos of G.Rev’s new Naomi arcade game Senko no Ronde. The game is a cross between a versus fighting game and a shooter, which would make it only the second game in history to fall under the category of “competitive shooter”. The first, of course, would be Twinkle Star Sprites, but that was more of a combination of a puzzle game and a shooter.

I’ll be uploading these videos later today – the game looks pretty cool and let’s hope we get a Dreamcast port of it. Hey, we got Border Down, so we might just get this one.