Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn

System Overview

The Saturn was launched in North America not long after the Sega 32X, ushering in mixed emotions from Sega fans and potential Saturn gamers. If Sega would so quickly abandon the 32X, what hope could gamers have of another console succeeding, and for how long?

The Saturn is said to be a victim of circumstance. It was released earlier than expected, at a high price, was ‘out-dated,’ and it’s killer launch title was buggy (Virtua Fighter). Throughout the rest of it’s life, the Saturn was home to a number of excellent titles, including some which were the first of their kind and still remain as unique experiences.

Sega of America ended it’s support of the Saturn after a last breath of AAA titles (Burning Rangers, Panzer Dragoon Saga, and Shining Force III). Saturn gamers continued to fuel their fires with new Japanese imports, all the way until 1999. And after that? Well, we’re still playing. :)



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Rhea – An SD-card base replacement for the Saturn’s disc drive.

Sega Saturn 10 Year Battery FAQ – ASSEMBLER’s battery FAQ with some information on possible replacements…

Sega Saturn Region Free BIOS – Information and pictures on installation.

Sega Saturn Region Switch Mod – Information and pictures. Lots!

Sega Saturn Switchless Mod – Switchless region mod.


Emulation of the Sega Saturn has been historically difficult due to the system’s architecture. However, dedicated enthusiasts have nailed it down over time and in the last decade, it has become possibly to play most commercial games via emulation.

SSF – SSF has become the best Sega Saturn emulator for Windows. It runs most commercial games and does not always require BIOS files in order to do so. You will either need the actual game disc or an image file mounted virtually in order to run games.

Emulation ON Saturn

Emulation of other platforms on the Saturn had a slow start, with many projects being started but not finished.

SMS Plus – A port of Charles McDonald’s SMS emulator. You make your own ISO with a BAT file from the ROMs you put in a folder. Good compatibility!

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