Sega Dreamcast

Sega Dreamcast

System Overview

The Dreamcast was going to be big. If you saw it’s launch line up and played the games, you most likely had no doubt in your mind that Sega’s current problems were about to become a thing of the past. Sega knocked the US launch of the Dreamcast out of the park. Perfect ports of popular arcade games, solid sports games, and a few other varieties really packed a punch. Unfortunately, a lot of the US and world didn’t see it that way. Some people simply put on blinders and ignored it.

A lot of gamers were looking forward to Sony’s Playstation 2 console. The Playstation was a great success for Sony, and their upcoming hardware looked fairly strong and featured a DVD player. A lot of people believed in the Playstation brand and saw the DVD player as a great value. Nevermind the fact that the PS2 sported a very high price tag for the time.

A scant few were still bitter over how Sega handled support of the 32X and Saturn just a few years before. Those people didn’t want to be burned again.

Another cause for the DC’s failure was the ease of piracy. It was the first popular home console to essentially allow out of the box piracy. All you needed was an image file of the game, a CD, and a console. If you couldn’t download the game you wanted, it was likely a friend of yours could. Broadband connections were starting to become more common. Sega was losing money on every Dreamcast console sold and not enough software was selling in stores to help them recover that investment.

For those of us who bought in, though, the DC was an amazing console. A great machine with lots of capabilities. A game library that featured very little shovelware and something for everyone’s tastes. Arcade-perfect ports with additional features. Online gameplay for many games and even a psuedo-MMO in Phantasy Star Online. The list goes on and on. The Dreamcast was something truly special.


Unofficial Dreamcast_FAQ – Richard Harris’ FAQ, last updated in December 2000.

VGA Box FAQ – Answers to common questions concerning VGA Boxes.

Controller Port Repair FAQ – Information on how to fix controller port problems.


Dreamcast Silencer Mod – Quiet down your noisy ass Dreamcast with a few, easy modifications.

VGA Out Mod – A good step-by-step guide on how to add a VGA port to your Dreamcast.

Connect your Dreamcast to your PC – More of a workaround than a hack performed on your Dreamcast. Shares your network connection with your Dreamcast without needing a Dreamcast Broadband Adapter.


For Dreamcast emulation, there’s really only two options to go with. Both of them are for Windows.

nullDC is the older of the two and it plays many commercial Dreamcast games fine. It has not received an update in a couple of years now, though.

Demul is a newer emulator for Dreamcast and Naomi compatible hardware that seems to be making progress at a great pace. Most Dreamcast games appear to be playable with little or no issues.

There is a Linux-based emulator that offers some playability called Lxdream. A glance at the compability list for it shows that many games are just partially playable, with graphical issues, slow speed, or other problems.

Emulation ON Dreamcast

Unlike the rest of Sega’s consoles, many emulators were made for play On the Dreamcast. You can play everything from Atari to Genesis (and possibly beyond). The best part is that it usually will require no modifications to your Dreamcast to play them!

To find an emulator for the systems you are looking for, check out Zophar’s Domain’s extensive list.

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