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Closers is an online action game for the PC.


Alternate Titles
Genre Online Action
# of Players Massively
Developer(s) Naddic Games
Publisher(s) Nexon (KR)
Sega (JP)
Release Dates
Release Prices
Product IDs
Rating CERO B (12+) (JP)

Closers Overview

Closers is an online action game from Korean developer Naddic Games. The game was picked up for Japanese localization and support by Sega. Players from other territories can create Sega ID and play through a VPN, much like they are forced to do with Phantasy Star Online 2.

The game takes place in Seoul, which has been infested by random demon attacks where the invaders arrive through dimensional portals. Along with the demons’ arrival, the portals awoken dormant abilities within a small percentage of the population. Since conventional weapons proved ineffective in fighting the demons, the government decided to make high school kids with awakened powers take them on.

This is where you come in. You play as a member of the Black Lambs, the young adults who are tasked with defeating the demons and closing the portals from which they came.

Closers features stylish cell-shaded graphics and combo-oriented fast action. If you are a fan of online action game such as this and can deal with the territorial lockout issues, then feel free to give it a try while it’s still active.



[나딕게임즈] 클로저스(CLOSERS) - 오프닝 영상(Opening Video)
SEGA 『CLOSERS』プロモーション動画(Game紹介Ver)
SEGA 『CLOSERS』オープンβテスト予告篇
클로저스(Closers) 캐릭터 스킬 영상(서유리)


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