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Xenocider Kickstarter Launched

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The Kickstarter for the independent Dreamcast, PC and 3DS on-rails shooter Xenocider launched today. The game is inspired by the Sega arcade classic Space Harrier, as well as Treasure’s Sin and Punishment. A completely new engine was created for the game called Dreamer, which will hopefully deliver the Dreamcast’s first new 3D arcade game in over a decade.

xenocider xara concept art 1

Xenocider‘s story revolves around Xara, a cyborg from a remote planet that’s been turned into the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. For reasons unknown to us right now, she is out to destroy 10 planets by gunning through a gauntlet of enemies, defeating a stage boss, and placing a time bomb to wipe them out of existence.

Not content with pushing a few pieces of concept art out there with a cheap pitch video, the developers have released a playable demo for Dreamcast, Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download it right now off of the Kickstarter page and burn it for playing on your Dreamcast.

The demo is, obviously, a work in progress, but it should illustrate for potential backers the type of game they are considering backing. In addition, the team promises to share a new beta every month with Beta Access level backers as development continues.

Xenocider‘s development team highlights a number of their intended features for the final game. It will boast 10 levels, upgradable skills, 3 game modes, and unlockable content. The Dreamcast version will support arcade sticks, mouse and keyboard, and even the official Virtual On Twin Stick. It will run at 480p resolution with a stable 60 frames per second. The PC version will run at 1080p and 60 fps.

The developers are composed of indie Dreamcast development veterans, who previously worked on games such as Ghost Blade and Pier Solar. They’re promising a large amount of transparency and communication as the project moves forward, something they’ve already done to an extent you don’t see from most Kickstarters. If you head over to their Youtube channel, you can watch a series of developer diaries on the game’s development so far.

Every potential Kickstarter backer loves to see what rewards are available and the team behind the game have quite a few. They range from digital copies of the PC and 3DS versions of the game, to standard physical copies, a special edition that also comes with a soundtrack CD, a PAL limited edition with blue packaging, and a steelbook edition. The last two are only available in limited quantities of 100 units between the two versions, so if you are interested in those, then you’d better hurry. 26 of them have already been snatched up.

xara statue mockup

Higher tiers include early beta access, the ability to help design enemies, designing your own secret stage boss resembling you, one of 10 18 centimeter tall Xara figures, a customized Dreamcast with Xenocider artwork on the console and controller, and original concept artwork. These are available in severely limited quantities ranging from 5 to 10 each. The original artwork was already picked up by someone for a whopping $2,000.

The goal of the Kickstarter is set at $92,000. As of the time of this recording, the Kickstarter has amassed nearly 10% of it’s goal with 129 backers. Hopefully, news of this promising game reaches a larger amount of people and we can see it reach it’s full potential.

The current estimated release for the final game and it’s rewards is December 2017, which would give the team roughly a year and a half to finish it and produce physical copies. The size and experience of the team makes me think that this is a feasible goal, though they do admit there is always the possibility of unexpected delays. Something none of us are unaccustomed to with crowd-funded games. The developers do promise to maintain contact with backers and be transparent if anything happens.

Stretch goals the team has announced so far include a VMU minigame and Endless game mode, 5 extra levels with new bosses, and a complete graphical overhaul with a release on the PS4, Wii U and Xbox One. The last stretch goal is for an amount over double their goal for the Kickstarter campaign, so it’s quite a good ways away at this point.

So far, I’d have to say I’m impressed with the Xenocider team’s Kickstarter. While major names in the gaming industry have launched crowd-funding campaigns with little more than a rough idea of what they’d like to do, this game was brought to a prototype stage first and the team was brave enough to allow us to sample that before pledging our money to it.

The idea of a brand new 3D action game being released for the Dreamcast excites me greatly and I’m wishing the team great success as the campaign continues and into the future.

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More Sega Classics Added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

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Microsoft has added a few classic Sega fan favorites to the list of backwards compatible games on the Xbox One this week. Jet Set Radio led the charge, with Phantasy Star 2 and Sonic & Knuckles pulling up the rear.

If you’ve purchased the other classic Sonic games, you can use the original lock-on feature from within Sonic & Knuckles, which is pretty sweet.

What missing Sega games do you want Microsoft to add next?

You can grab the Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for Xbox 360 I talked about here for roughly $18 right now. The PS3 version is here for about the same price.

Note that if you do purchase them through these links, I may or may not get a small commission depending on Amazon’s feeling that day.

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Persona 5 Trailer #4 – Cutscenes & Gameplay

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Atlus of Japan has released Persona 5 Trailer #4 today as part of their Persona event for the PS3 and PS4 game.

This is the latest, newly released Persona 5 trailer from Atlus in Japan. This promotional video shows off tons of stylish gameplay as well as new characters for the PS3 and PS4 game.

It’s set to release in Japan on September 15th, 2016. We don’t have any Western release dates just yet, but stick with us and we’ll let you know promptly when the information is released!

We’ll be doing an informational video in English soon for Persona 5 to catch everyone up on the details released so far. For now, enjoy this awesome trailer!

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Limited Run Games Wants to Produce Physical Copies of Yakuza 5

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Limited Run Games has announced that they would like to produce physical copies of Yakuza 5‘s English localization!

Limited Run Games has expressed an interest in producing physical copies of the Playstation 3 game Yakuza 5, which released with English subtitles last December.

All of the in-game footage comes from the original trailer announcing the Western localization of Yakuza 5. So if you have seen it already, you don’t have to worry about spoilers in this video!

My apologies for the little bit of roughness on the green screen. I’ll get those kinks ironed out.

Way too excited for this possibility!

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Streets of Rage 2 Except It Makes That Weird Tim Allen Noise When People Die

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I check out the Streets of Rage 2 Except It Makes That Weird Tim Allen Noise When People Die mod that was the most popular hack on the Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics Steam Workshop for the first day.

The mod does pretty much exactly what it states in it’s ridiculously long title, by inserting Tim Allen’s famous noise that he beat into the ground on his American sitcom Home Improvement.

I’ll be checking out some of the more ambitious mods in the days to come, but figured I could knock out coverage of this one even on a busy day like today.

This video was recorded by playing the modded ROM file through the unofficial KEGA emulator. Doing so reduces the lag during recording on my toaster of a PC.

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Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics Steam Hub Tour

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Here’s a tour through the new Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics hub that just became available on Steam.

I walk through all of the features and options, letting you know what to expect.

To access it, you simply need to own just one of the games included in the currently selection.

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