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Cannon Spike is a different kind of Psikyo shooter for the Sega Dreamcast.

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Alternate Titles ガンスパイク
Genre Shooter
# of Players 1-2
Developer(s) Psikyo
Publisher(s) Capcom (Japan, NA)
Big Ben (EU)
Release Dates December 21st, 2000 (Japan)
November 14th, 2000 (NA)
May 3rd, 2002 (EU)
Release Prices ¥ 5,800 (Japan)
$ 39.99 (NA)
£ ? (EU)
Product IDs T-1219M (Japan)
T-1215N (NA)
T-46601D-50 (EU)
Barcodes 4976219451314 (Japan)
013388250141 (NA)
3499550207415 (EU)
Rating All Ages (Japan)
T (NA)

Cannon Spike Review

Cannon Spike is a Psikyo-developed shooter for the Dreamcast adapted from the 2000 NAOMI arcade game Gunspike.

The game plays a little bit like Smash TV with some melee elements. A shooter with melee elements, Psikyo? You mean like Sol Divide? No, this game is generally regarded much better.

Your analog joystick maneuvers your character around the arena. You shoot or attack in the direction you’re facing but can lock on to targets for a short time with the right trigger on the Dreamcast controller.

Each character is armed with weak and strong ranged and melee attacks. They also have a super attack with a limited amount of charges. Certain enemies are best dealt with specific types of attacks. Small mechanical droids might blow up quickly from ranged attacks, but foot soldiers might be best dealt with a barrage of melee attacks.

Each stage, in general, presents you with a flood of minions and a stage boss or three to take down. Blow them to smithereens and you advance to the next stage. Be sure to take in the Resident Evil – inspired stage The Unholy Town on your tour through Cannon Spike. Do mind the zombie dogs that tend to rush visitors.

Cannon Spike suffers from the same general reception that Strider 2 did on the PlayStation. Everyone states the game is fun but too short. Such is the fate of some arcade ports, I suppose.

If you are the type of shooter fan that enjoys replaying a solid game to beat his own high scores, then you might be able to justify the high entry price Cannon Spike is now commanding. If you’re not, you’re probably better off picking another shooter like Mars Matrix.

Playable Characters

Cannon Spike ties together characters from many very different Capcom franchises by putting them on the Anti-Robot Special Force. You see, terrorist-controlled robots are overrunning the globe and someone has to stop them, right?

At least that’s how the game presents the story. The manual gives each character biographies that suggests otherwise. Who cares, right? Let’s blow some shit up with…

cannon spike arthur bioArthur
from Ghosts ‘n Goblins

Arthur’s not running around in his underwear this time. He’s armored up and armed to the teeth with his gunlance Excaliber.

cannon spike bb hood bioBaby Bonnie Hood
from Darkstalkers

B.B. Hood is rocking a scooter and lacking her canine pal Harry, but she’s ready to kick some ass.

cannon spike cammy bioCammy
from Street Fighter

Cammy’s came to chew bubblegum and wear thong leotards, and she’s all out of bubblegum!

cannon spike charlie bioCharlie
from Street Fighter

Charlie’s here to help out Cammy even though he’s a member of the US Army and she’s part of a terrorist organization. You can’t blame a guy for following around a girl in a revealing thong leotard, can you?

cannon spike mega man bioMega Man
from the Mega Man

Mega Man is here because Capcom didn’t piss off Mega Man fans by this point in 2000 and they’d buy anything with him in it.

cannon spike shiba bioShiba Shintaro
from Three Wonders

Shiba is a pro skateboarder who’s title was somehow robbed of him by the terrorists. So he’s out for blood!

cannon spike simone bioand Simone
from… Cannon Spike?

Simone is a new character that originally resembled Rouge from Power Stone a bit but later designs were clearly inspired by Lt. Linn Kurosawa from the Alien Vs. Predator arcade game.



Cannon Spike intro

Gameplay video


Here is some artwork for Cannon Spike. There is so much more available in the game as you unlock it through completion.


Here are some wallpapers for the game.


You can download a PDF of the North American manual here.

Below is a 2 page print ad that ran in Japan for Gunspike.

gunspike JP print ad

Next we have the lackluster print ad that ran in France for Cannon Spike and Heavy Metal Geomatrix from publisher Big Ben.

heavy metal geomatrix cannon spike FR print ad

Check out this cool GameFan cover for Cannon Spike in the October 2000 issue!

cannon spike gamefan cover


Originally available at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con, SOTAToys made a Cannon Spike version of Cammy White action figure. It includes two extra hands, knife, two rifles, headset, and magnetic base. You can pose her like crazy.

They were originally available for $20, but now go for a bit more due to lower availability. I spotted a listing on Amazon and you can always search eBay.

Random Information

Cannon Spike uses 8 VMU blocks to save data.

-The game was the last Dreamcast game released in Europe. Big Ben picked it up and it exclusively sold in GAME stores.

Cheats & Secrets

Gallery Mode

Complete the game on any difficulty level to unlock Gallery Mode.

Play as Mega Man

To select Mega Man, highlight Charlie and press Left on the character select screen.

Play as B.B. Hood

To select B.B. Hood, highlight Simone and press Right on the character select screen.

Cammy’s Second Outfit

Highlight Cammy and press Up or Down to select her second outfit.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Credits 52075693
Infinite Specials P1 A7237D4C
Max Score P1 8C6361DD
Infinite Specials P2 9B88262A
Max Score P2 7C053FDF


Capcom Staff

Executive Producer


Main Graphic Designer
Kinu Nishimura

Graphic Designer
ikego daino
Hideaki Katagiri

Title Logo Designer


Psikyo Staff

Shin. Nakamura

Kenichi Fujita
Kunihiko Nogomi
Michiaki Negoro
Katsuya Shikanouchi
Kokichi Ogi

Graphic Designer
Wataru Yamazaki
Hideyuki Oda
Ikuya Yoshida
Keizou “F3” Fujita
Narumi Tauchi
Yasuhide Maeda
Masayuki Kato
You Mizusaki

Sound Designer
Masaki Izutani
Toshiya Kobayashi
Kaori Kumakura
Kensuke Sato

Voice Actor
Yuki Matsuoka
Miki Ogura
Yuka Itaha
Kunihiko Tatsumi
Kiyotomi Narikinya
Yoshinori Shima

Special Thanks to
All Capcom Staff & All Psikyo Staff
…and You

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Special Thanks / Sources

– Some scans from SegaRetro and GameFAQs user contributions.

– Screenshots from HardcoreGaming101.